{Quad Squad} Simple Sensory Ziploc Bag!

This little DIY post is just a quick share on a recent "discovery" experience I created for the quads using a couple things around my house. Most of the time, for sensory activities we do things like water play, explore in the grass, grapple with new toys, try a new food or go on an outing. But I needed an indoor, stationary project and this one fit the bill. I checked out a couple "sensory bag" ideas on Pinterest then decided I could throw together my own.

I took four large thick Ziplocs and put a couple squirts of finger paint in them then about an inch or two of water in the bottom, added a couple shakes of glitter and carefully closed the bags. Then I took clear packing tape and taped all four sides of each bag onto our quad table—because they will find those loose corners!—and mixed up the ingredients. Then I added the babies. :)

They loved it! I gave them little balls and toy cars to roll over the bags and they soon abandoned those and just used their hands. Kailey immediately managed to poke a small hole in hers but I put another piece of clear tape across it and problem solved. I would definitely use clear packing tape or something similar, as it peeled off the table easily when we were done and didn't appear to damage the finish.

Before we wrapped up, though, I gave the kids their snacks at the table and they loved chasing the crumbs all over the tops of the bags with their fingers. You could really add any type of glitter, stickers, paint or other ingredients to your bag, as long as there's nothing to potentially cause a leak. (Other than your child's razor finger nails.) I'v heard hair gel and food coloring makes a good combo. The best part? Clean up is a cinch.

Next up: DIY personalized name art for kid's rooms.
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  1. What a smashing idea!! I could just visualize their experimenting with the contents of the bag. I could have used this idea years ago with any third graders that wouldn't put their hands in finger paint! You DO make many wonderful experiences for your children.

    I love the spot where their table sits!!

  2. What a creative idea,when my kids were growing up putting shaving cream on table was the "sensory" thing to do, talk about a mess. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I will need to pass this one along to my daughter!

  4. I love sensory bags!!! I just did a few with cheap hair gel with random sparkles and baubles. I also put playdough in a quart sized bag and they loved poking it. The only problem I had was that packing tape took the finish off our quad table and George was not so happy about that...


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