{Home Decor} Fall 2013

Somehow I managed to get my fall decorations down from the attic and put up a few things this year. I have always been a huge fan of summer, but this year I'm surprisingly ready for leaves to crunch beneath my feet and cool outdoors to make me pull my cardigan on a little tighter. I'm ready to wear my comfy boots and dress all the kids in adorable pants and long-sleeve tunic tops with leggings. I'm down for some chili, the sounds of football on Sunday (and Monday and Thursday) and open windows beckoning in fresh air. It's like a cleansing and renewal to kick-off the last half of the year, sort of whatever might be the opposite of spring cleaning. Fall freshening? Either way, this year I'm ready. And though it felt a little odd to be unpacking pumpkin muffin-scented plug-ins and lighting apple ale candles—both new faves from Bath & Body Works—while it was 100 degrees outside, it soon felt oh-so-right.

I also must confess it's taken nearly eight weeks just to get around to cleaning the bathrooms in my house. Which basically means I hadn't cleaned them once since we moved in. Thus I'll be hiring a once-monthly cleaning service to come sanitize my commodes and scrub my dirty floors very soon. Until then, the floors will proudly sport their scuffs and well-earned dirt. While I'm confessing, I didn't bother to clean much house before I took these photos. (Really, I just moved a bunch of stuff around since I didn't think car seats and strollers and boxes went well with fall foliage and pumpkins. Just sayin'.) So here's a little bit of fall with some lived-in-casa on the side. ;)

front porch

entry way


play room

dining room

living room

guest bath

There you have it! I didn't put much in the main living room since I got tired by that point and I did have three cute metallic ceramic pumpkins on the coffee table...but little man who shall not be named decided to snatch one when I wasn't looking and once I came after him to get it back, well, he decided it looked better in smithereens on the floor. Harrison 1, Pumpkins 0.

Happy fall, y'all :)

Next up: pumpkin spice bread and one nifty little loaf pan.
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  1. Very very pretty! Love your dining room. So happy to hear you are getting a cleaning service with four active toddlers you really need it:) The pics of the kiddos in previous post are adorable.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. so cute! ugh i hate cleaning bathrooms!! somehow i talked E into that being his job since our housekeeper retired 2 weeks before our wedding. aghhh. if i need someone to clean our house, then you most definitely do! i'm really excited about fall this year too.


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