{DIY Project} Monogram Wall Art

I've been trying to decide what creative flairs I could add to the kid's room, since I'm just now working on decorating them. I'd had a couple things stashed before we ever moved in, but they amount to a few wall hangings and accents, a mirror and their first finger paintings preserved in frames I got at Hobby Lobby. Then I saw these really cute square monogram art pieces a friend of mine made for her little girl's room and I knew that's what I wanted to add to Trystan and Logan's room!

I started with a stack of chipboard squares, that I got for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Then I printed out all the letters I needed to spell out two of the girl's names here

With some cheap-o white craft paint, I painted all the edges white so they wouldn't clash with the art I was putting on the front of the squares.

Then I carefully cut out all my letter squares...

...and mod podged them onto my chipboard.

Ta-dah! They turned out super cute. I haven't hung them up yet, so I'll follow up on that when I put together a post on Trystan and Logan's room once I have a few more things finished. I plan to use 3M picture hangers (not hooks) that provide a sort of velcro patch for light-weight wall objects. That way if I want to move things around later, I don't have eight million nail holes in the walls!

I snuck in some of the roses I clipped from my front yard in the photo above. They smell nearly as sweet as sugar. Plus I was in a good mood since I fiiiinnnaaallly got to complete a crafty craft. The kids really didn't understand the importance of mod podging chipboards for their room so they protested (loudly) every time I was out of their line of sight to work on them in the kitchen. Even though I explained to them how nice it'll be to have things on their walls to look at. Babies...what can you do!? ;)
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  1. Love, love, love it. You are so creative and I enjoy your blogs so much. Remember "good things come in small packages" and you received 4, who will truly appreciate all you do when they're older.

  2. Those are adorable!! Wish I had half the talent you have, looks simple to make and would make a wonderful gift for a Baby shower or a 1st Birthday but I am all thumbs at crafty stuff.
    Your roses are beautiful,so happy you were in a good mood;)
    How are the kiddos doing with teething, still a problem? And my favorite little Harrison hope he is all better!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. haha when I saw the l and o, I hadn't looked at the next row and I thought they were numbers. I couldn't figure out why 1 luggage had multiple pieces and 0 owls had several owls! I felt pretty silly when I realized... yes, I am 27 and cannot differentiate between numbers and letters. ;) I love these though.

  4. Amber, you surely have inherited some of your mother's talents! Way to go!!!


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