{Daily Pics} Fall, Y'all?

I finally decided it was fall. It's still 98 degrees outside here in Dallas, but a few leaves are starting to flutter to the ground and the weather man promises 92 as a high later this week. So maybe the season is tilting slightly toward the autumn time, as much of a tilt as can be provided by hot Texas temps. Which I love, by the way. I'm a warm weather gal through and through. I'd love to spend all my days slathered in tanning oil by a pool smelling coconut and drinking something cold. Something about having quadruplets, though, means that's no longer your daily reality. Ha! Here's some sneak peeks of some fall decor I managed to stick up around the house yesterday (with a post in more detail hopefully next week). Plus a photo of our whole fam at my cousin's wedding earlier this afternoon.

fun fall sunflowers & carnations

my pumpkin-y front porch

love my wax burner! got this one for $15 at target and am using glade's pumpkin spice wax melts

my entry table with white, gold and blue fall accents

our family!
Up next: in the spirit of fall, a yummy (easy) chicken chili recipe!
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  1. We took a walk this evening with the "cool snap", lol! I do love fall when it ever comes, and now you've got me itching to get our fall boxes down.

  2. So pretty, love the blue pumpkin so different, may I ask where you found it?
    We are having a taste of "fall" weather and I am loving every minute.
    The family picture is great, the quads are getting so big, and of course cuter each time a picture is posted of them:)
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. They are plain white pumpkins from Hobby Lobby and I spray painted them! A light blue can of paint by Valspar I believe...


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