{DIY} How to Clean Glass Candle Jars

Typically, I'm not one to save every little thing and try to reuse it. Honestly, sometimes it takes up more space and energy trying to figure out ways to recycle some stuff then to just toss it in the trash. Or recycling bin. ;)

But I always wished I could clean those nice big glass jars that the Bath & Body Works candles come in and reuse them. Then I found a couple cleaning ideas on Pinterest and put one to the test. It worked like a charm so I share it with you now.

Put the candle in the freezer for about an hour. Or just toss it in there and forget about it for a couple days until you can get back to it, like I did. Take a dull knife and poke at the wax a couple times to break it up then pry it out.

I saved my wax pieces in a ziploc and just wrote the scent on the bag then stuck it back in the freezer. Now I'll have my own wax melts when next summer rolls around, likewise for my fall and winter scented candles when I'm done with those, too. Perfect for any size wax warmer and a good lil money saver!

Peel off the labels. If the bottom label doesn't comply, stick the jar in a little bit of warm soapy water for a few minutes and it'll then peel right off.

Squirt some baby oil in the jar and use a paper towel to wipe off most of the soot and wax. I did this twice, I think, it be sure it was all clean.

Do a quick rinse with soap and water then dry. It's ready to use now! I used mine for Q-tips and cotton balls in our bathroom, but I also thought they'd make great gift jars filled with candy and wrapped with a bow or stacked full of small cookies. What would you do with these jars?

For fun, here's some of my favorite gift-in-a-jar ideas.
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  1. Thanks!! I never never thought of saving the wax. I just tossed the remnants along with the jar.
    Well definitly try this when my favorite summer candle (Tropical Spice)
    is done, will have remnants to put in my wax warmer this winter when it gets cold and I wish I were on a tropical island;)
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Love the idea to reuse these for decorative and household items! As someone who works in product development in the food industry, just know that if a container didn't originally contain food, it may not be food safe. A glass candle container would not be subject to the same regulations for composition that a glass food container would.

  3. Great tips!!! Big money savers!! Love it!

  4. How clever! I never thought of saving the wax to reuse. I can think of a million things to use the jar for though. Thanks for the tip!

  5. How do you get the wicks out? I can't get it and I'm afraid if I keep prying I'm going to break the jar.

  6. Place jars upside down on a cake rack and pan. Place baking cups or coffee filters under each jar to catch the wax. Heat in a 200°F oven until all the wax has melted. Cool and wash and reuse. Its a good idea to only place prewrapped items in as stated above. If the wax doesn't want to come off the paper , run under hot water to remove it.


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