{Quad Squad} Three Months!

My entire life now operates in three hour increments. That's our strict feeding schedule we adhere to during the day—a feed starts every three hours, takes about an hour or just over to complete then you have about 1.5 hours to accomplish house cleaning, laundry, work, feeding pets, meal prep, shovel food in your mouth or snag a quick nap (granted with one eye open and an ear out for little cries!). Needless to say, I can think about something I need to do and it could take hours or even days to get around to it! Like this blog post for instance...I've been thinking about it for a week! And if I don't get on the wagon sooner, I'll be updating about their four month birthday by the time they're half a year old!

One thing I did get done was to snap some three month photos of our adorable quad squad. The husband and I teamed up one night and got it done in about 30 minutes! It was a frenzy of onesies, diapers, hair bows and falling-over babies but we did it!

Harrison, Trystan, Kailey and Logan

Kailey, Harrison, Logan and Trystan
Baby feet!

Harrison: The little champ is full of smiles these days! Just this morning, I was feeding him his bottle and he grinned from ear to ear and kept on smiling for another 30 minutes or so. We even got a quick and tiny giggle out of him and a few verbal sounds that were new. It was awesome! I've never been so entertained by a baby in my life. The husband and his mom were up for a late evening feed recently and said Harrison was whining a little bit and started making a noise that sounded like "Hiiiiii!" Needless to say, we're running around like those crazy parents trying to capture everything on camera. One kiddo does something cute and before we can get over there another one does something else and we almost risk no pictures being taken in our desperation to catch all those little moments! Now I see why most folks do it one kid at a time. *Said with sarcasm and a casually arched eyebrow.* The little big man now weighs 9lbs 4.5oz, still leading the pack in size and, now, in smiles. He can also hold his head up for around 10 seconds, occasionally turning it to look around like he's just discovered his neck can pivot. It's awesome.

Kailey: This little gal is chunking up a bit more noticeably now, she has the tiniest little fat rolls around her wrists and her teeny hands are bit more plump. And so are her cheeks, I could squeeze 'em all day! Her weight is now 9lbs and counting. She looks serious most of the time but I did get her to crack a smile on the changing table this morning. She's a beautiful baby and is going to be a gorgeous girl. We tend to always dress her in pink and call her our "little diva" since she can run the show around here some days. Kailey buddies up with Harrison a lot and they love to cuddle in the pack and play during the time and turn pinwheels in their crib together at night. Sometimes I find Harrison with his feet on Kailey's head! They aren't overly bothered by close bodily proximity, which should come as no surprise when recalling their close quarters during the pregnancy!

Trystan: The littlest of the group, she is by far not the most timid or inept. Trystan Lee has some pipes on her that could put a prize crowing rooster to shame. (Wait, what? Who has a rooster?) Anyway, there is no in between with her. She's either sleeping, perfectly content or as mad as a wet hen. (Seriously with the animal comparisons. What is this, a barn?) Her face gets all red and purple and real teeny tiny tear drops run down the side of her cheeks until she's been cuddled, fed or changed. Whatever her highness is in need of! But she's cute as a bug in a rug (last one, I swear!) and shares a few sleepy smiles, arched nemesis eyebrows and contemplative frowns on a daily basis. She is definitely the most expressive in the group. Trystan will also soon be joining the 8lb club as she currently clocks in at 7lbs 14oz.

Logan: Ah, our sweet little Logan Bear. Except not so little anymore. She's threatening to stomp all over Harrison's lead as the big baby in the group and weighs 8lbs 15.5oz.  Logan also seems to be extremely aware of her surroundings and is able to track objects with her eyes from one side of her face to the other. She hands out the occasional grin and face locks with you during feedings, staring you down while she sucks away at that milk. She's successfully finishing 4oz bottles now and I think it's about time to break out the big guns, aka 8oz bottles! Logan seems to operate at her own pace, doing whatever she feels like, and takes her feeding times very seriously. She'll also bat at things hanging down near her head and during mat time these days she gets her very own toy bar over her to bat and swing at the suspended toys and objects. She has also "cooed" on a few occasions and we feel she'll be one of the first to start babbling!

Last week, occupational therapists from Early Childhood Intervention came out to the house to evaluate the quads. They look for motor skills, cognitive and social abilities, muscle tone, feeding difficulties, etc. to determine if the babies need any sort of therapy or additional support as they mature. They like to do this very early on so if there are any issues, they can work them out as soon as possible. They measured the quads based on zero weeks, since the babies are just now full term. (They were born 10 weeks early and so are measured on an adjusted scale. For example, they're three months now, but are considered only about two weeks old adjusted age. This will likely continue until after their one to two year birthdays.) We are proud to report that none of the babies qualified for assistance or therapy and all of them measured right on par or just ahead of their age! Logan even scored 4 months for certain categories like motor skills. The husband and I were thrilled with these results! We had a feeling these babies were doing great and the therapists were able to confirm that. We push them with feedings and play time and make sure to interact with them all the time, from talking to rattles and playing with their arms and legs to moving objects around in their line of eyesight.

In other good news, the husband's mom came in town this weekend to lend an extra hand so we were able to get away for a date night! My mom and step-dad moved down last Sunday in their camper and are staying at a local RV resort (six minutes away to be exact!). We're so grateful they worked so hard to renovate their camper and haul it all the way down here to help us out while the babies are so young and such an armful of work. They are glad to a little of their own space and also be nearby and come to assist with feedings or help me out during the day while the husband's at work. Needless to say, when we have both moms here it means double the help and with my step-dad around as well, we took advantage of the moment and went to a movie and dinner. It was great! We saw Lawless and loved it and then grabbed some pasta and beers for dinner at Carino's.

Until next time, folks! :)


  1. wow yall are doing great...it is so nice your Mom and LD could come be close by...

  2. The babies look beautiful and perfect! I would never guess they were premmies if I didn't know. Miracle babies!

  3. They are so cute, love the chubby cheeks on all of them:)
    You look fantastic you two are such a cute couple also.
    Will we see the quads in thier Texas A&M finery next week as you all open the season, maybe see them on ESPN Game Day;)
    Thanks for sharing:)
    Continued Happiness and Prayers

  4. I cannot believe how adorable they are! such hard work but you sound like youre adjusting well:)

  5. You look great for having 3 month old quads and especially after having been on bedrest so long.

  6. You look fantastic! I so want mine home, but fear the life of living in three hour increments....has your night nanny started?

  7. So darn cute. Thanks for sharing how they're progressing.
    When Pamela was a baby and really upset her crys sounded like Woody Woodpecker.

    Okay sew maybe they'll be a year old before they get their quilts but they can still drag them around. I'm really really slow.

  8. It is amazing that you look so put-together and stylish while beeing a young quadruplets-mom!

  9. It is really amazing that you look so great after having quadruplets and have to take care for 4 little babies. You look really stylish and feminin and your face glows so nicely!


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