{Home Decor} Master Bedroom Makeover!

I thought I'd take a momentary break from the usual baby-centric posts and update y'all on a little house project I'd been dying to complete. Needless to say, with four newborn kiddos in the house, projects tend to a take really-far-in-the-back-row seat to other priorities that now form our days. Ha.

But the few moments that we get to sleep—day or night—I wanted to enjoy our time in our master bedroom and the all-brown decor wasn't quite cutting it for me anymore. I love Texas-themed stuff and I also love beachy chic stuff, but the two don't always really mesh very well so I have a hard time some times deciding what look I want to capitalize on! In this case, I also had a small budget so I chose to spend the majority of it on bedding that I found at West Elm.

Here are the before and after pictures—which are also, um, before and after I cleaned our room...

I fell in love with the navy striped duvet cover from West Elm and ordered it along with two matching pillow shams embroidered with our names, which will be arriving later since they were on backorder. I also nabbed a box spring cover on Amazon for about $35 since I no longer wanted a bedskirt, which didn't really suit the bed frame anyway.

The biggest part of the makeover was finally cleaning off and organizing the chester drawers on my side of the bed. It'd become a mess long before I'd been admitted to the hospital for two months and I'd just never got around to it. I put the extra books in a bookcase in my office, keeping only the current tomes I'm reading that happen to be 50 Shades of Grey (yes, I'm late to the game and am finally getting around to reading them!). 

A cute hanging rack from Hobby Lobby—that was 50% off for $6—made the perfect place to hang my necklaces and a leopard print tray for $12 from Stein Mart took care of rings and earrings. The crystal ring holder was a gift from my mother-in-law for Christmas years ago and the zebra-print box was as well. It contained four stemless wine glasses and I chose to use it to organize my bracelets. Perfect!

A simple coat of turquoise spray paint and some painters tape for stripes transformed the stars and letters that hung on the wall.

I kept the original window valances, which I'd covered with cheap and easy burlap fabric when we'd moved in. I removed the metal stars and the tan and orange burlap trim and replaced them with blue and white printed ribbon (a 50% off purchase from Hobby Lobby for $2 a roll) and some starfish and shells I had on hand. I secured the latter with my hot glue gun and the ribbon with heavy duty staples. Each of the three valances in our room has a different arrangement of shells and starfish.

Last, I finally hung the canvas that my good friend Lisa put together for me prior to my hospital admission when I was pregnant with the quads. It's signed by all sorts of friends, family and even nurses to encourage me to keep going during those tough weeks! I kept it in my hospital room and looked at it every day and now I see it every morning when I get up at home...and every night when I drag my butt out of bed to feed four babies at midnight, 3am, 6am, 9am. It reminds me to count my blessings and not the hours of sleep I'm missing out on. ;)

So that's it! Our one-day master bedroom makeover and I love it!

Okay, and of course I can't do a post without sneaking in a picture of the quadruplets. (Did you find the baby in one of my before pictures up above?) Here's our sweet things at home the other night, being patient while mommy dresses them up and takes yet another photo...

I'm still working on a post about our previous time spent in the NICU, the babies' three month update and pictures, a new recipe post and more so don't stay away too long! Happy weekend!


  1. WOW! Your room looks awesome! I can't believe you found time and energy to pull that off! Great job!

  2. Your room looks Great, you are one amazing lady:)The latest picture of the babies is sooo cute, I would be holding them all day. I know it is hard to guess what size onsie they would be wearing around Halloween, but if you could give me a estimate I would Love to send them something for Halloween:)

  3. I love it and your bebes are so stinkin cute! You have your hands full! You go girl!

  4. Amazing that you found time to do this! Looks great!

  5. wow you are so organized...love the new look of your room...those babies are so precious...I know your Mom is excited to get back there with you all...

  6. I admit, I didn't see the baby on the bed in the before picture....but I did go back and look and found him/her! The room looks great and the babies are just precious! Keep up the good work and enjoy them too! A friend in East Texas, Pam!


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