{Quad Squad} Baby Smiles

Today has been overwhelming, to say the least. Sometimes the weight of all our responsibilities—four kids, finances, pets, home, vehicles, work and family—just gets to be more than I can bear. Then I have to take a breather, tell myself to just get through the rest of the day and find something positive to focus on. Like this morning, when my sweet Kailey girl spared several rare smiles to brighten my day. :) Hopefully it brightens yours, too.

MVI 8480 from Amber Bell on Vimeo.

Take joy in the little things today!


  1. Oh how beautiful,the smiles of a little one can brighten any day.
    Miss Kailey is so cute, as are the rest of the babies.
    Enjoy every minute:)

  2. How sweet! Thanks for posting this video.

  3. what a sweetie...would brighten the darkest of days...

  4. It amazes me how quickly they are growing. You will treasure these momments forever. Have a great day! Sherri

  5. So precious :)

  6. Amber, I loved it! Thanks for posting - love love love love the video's. She is just too adorable and it was good to hear your voice! Miss you and love you all!


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