Rainy Days & Cozy Ways

It's a rainy day at our house. After a hectic two days with the husband gone away hunting and a bad night of no sleep and fussy babies after he left, all is right in my world again. Thank goodness for Grandmas who help with bath day and feedings when I can't think straight and could fall asleep standing up!

The quads are being good today, sweet little babies. The husband has them down for tummy time as I type and I'm about to go make one of my favorite recipes in the kitchen. The house is going to smell good in no time and it'll look nice soon after, as I plan to finally finish putting out a few fall decorations. Tomorrow we're looking forward to celebrating our six-year anniversary with dinner and a movie. Would never have believed I'd have four kiddos by this time. It's amazing how life can take you on such an unexpected journey!

In the meantime, Lolo Bear (Logan) is rocking some zebra-print leg warmers that I just couldn't resist sharing.

Happy Saturday. :)


  1. that is adorable...Happy Anniversary....enjoy the rainy day...

  2. Wow! I just found your blog and am now following along. Quads, huh? Is it as hectic as it sounds?

  3. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on September 16th. Must have been the month and year for weddings!

    Love those little zebra leg warmers. What a cutie!

  4. Very happy anniversary. Hope you have a wonderful celebration of your 6 years.


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