{Daily Pics}

From top to bottom:

1. A nice bottle of Chianti the husband and I were able to enjoy one evening...in between bottle feeding babies, of course.

2. I love fall magazines and read my way through most of the pages while holding not one but two babies. Be proud, be very proud.

3. With my mom and step-dad helping us so much throughout the week and our nanny coming in at night, I make sure to have a good supply of caffeine on hand for our Keurig machine. I, personally, drink the Tazo black tea or make the Donut Shop coconut mocha into iced coffee on mornings I'm dragging. Which is a lot.

4. My husband and my baby boy looking adorable during the Dallas Cowboys game last week. 

5. I love roses—especially peach-colored ones. It's always nice to have pretty things around the house to look at. And this way, I can literally take the time to stop and smell the roses every day.


  1. The picture of the hubs and Harrison is great:)
    Harrison is one handsome little guy...so is your hubs;)


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