{Quad Squad} A New Week

Things are going well as I write this post—my contractions have definitely slowed down and spaced out and the doc is pretty happy. The after-effects of the contraction medicine I was on is likely to finish wearing off by now, so we're taking precautionary measures and I'm going back on the mag IV for two days starting tomorrow. This is the medicine I had a very difficult time with when I first got here last week, but it's also 100% effective in keeping contractions from happening and helping me stay pregnant longer. So it's worth the struggle. If I know I only have to deal with 48 hours of misery versus an unknown amount of time, I think I'll do a little better powering through. Plus, the nurses are prepared this time to give me some meds to counter the side effects and help things go a little smoother. I'll be 24 weeks this weekend and that's our first big goal! Every week after that will be icing on the cake.

Hospital life is going...well, like hospital life. I try to change clothes every morning and shower everyday (sometimes this is harder than it sounds when you're hooked up to a contraction monitor, IV and leg pumps). Eating the same food from the hospital menu is already getting to be a bore and it's not the best food in the land, but passable. Here's a shot of my breakfast, because I know you were just dying to see what I had!

Hashed browns, hard boiled eggs, Canadian bacon, cranberry juice, cereal and protein powder. The breakfast of champions, right? I have at least three concentrated doses of protein a day, whether it's the powder packet or a protein smoothie or drink. This helps round out my diet and provide enough nutrients for the quad squad that I hope is growing rapidly!

And there's me in all my glory—no makeup and early in the morning, proudly sporting my "Got Quads?" t-shirt. I am doing my best to stay calm and stress-free, because I know it won't do my body any good to get all worked up about things. And as of right now, things are fine so there's no reason to get anxious just yet. Although I'm eager to get to my ultrasound on Wednesday to see all the babies and also find out if my cervix is holding strong. If it's shortened a lot then we may have to take more drastic precautions, and if it's about the same then I'll be hugely relieved.

This is pretty much what I'm trying to do around the clock this week until we reach the 24 week mark. Not that things will change much after that, but it's so important I get these babies to their first point of vitality. So the flat screen my husband brought up here has been a huge life saver since I can now watch DVDs. These help pass the time and they're also one of the few activities I can do while remaining completely still and laying horizontal in bed. Even my computer time is extremely limited, since I can't sit up for very long and I already use some of my "sitting up time" to eat my meals. (Sitting up puts a lot of pressure on my cervix with four babies hanging out in my stomach, and also tends to create more contractions and activity, while laying down keeps these things to a minimum.) The little purple bunny in the photo is a new addition to my room courtesy of that husband I was telling you about. :)

And there he is, my knight in shining armour. This guy has made my life so much more bearable while in the hospital—he's been incredibly thoughtful, supportive and positive from the very beginning. In fact, he's been that way this entire pregnancy and I could have never gotten this far without him. We make a great team and he has truly risen to the occasion on this one. I love him so much and am constantly amazed at the incredible man I married and the guy who's going to be an outstanding father to our kids. 

I hope to continue to have good news this week and into the weekend. Now you know what I'll be doing, so if you have any good action movie recommendations, feel free to share! I love action, blood and gore, ha. Probably not the most ideal choice for being in the hospital, but watching eight million chick flicks would just be too painful, I think. ;)


  1. Glad you are doing so well! I will be there in the morning!!! You are doing a great job!

  2. This is all good news!!! I pray things stay this way. As for a movie
    In Time with Justin Timberlake is pretty dare good! Stay down and stay still. Type you later.

  3. It's so nice to come here on a Monday morning and read such a good update. Praying for a good, quiet, calm week for you and those babies.

  4. I have a whole box of dvd's I can loan you if you'd like... I will e-mail you the titles so you can pick and chose which ones you would want to see. Also, I was thinking about bringing you a BBQ baked potato when I came to visit, would you want that? If so, would you want beef, sausage, or chicken? ;) I am glad to hear things are going well! Keep it up!

  5. I just saw two terrific movies -- Hugo and TinTin. You might want to check them out. Glad to hear the good report. Keep growing those babies! Mike is a keeper!

  6. Glad to see the babies are still cooking, keep up the good work .

  7. Glad you are doing well friend! I look for your updates every single day. Hope the mag is much easier on you this time. Love and prayers coming your way :)

  8. Looking good! Yep you have a good man there. I guess he's a keeper. LOL. Like you ever doubted that.

    Don't worry be Happy!


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