{Quad Squad} 23 Weeks + Quad Names Reveal!!!

It's now Day Six of my hospital stay and I'm doing well, feeling great and eating like I just might be pregnant with four little babies, ha. After my last post, we were happy with our new plan and hoping for an uneventful week but just three hours after the doctor left I began contracting frequently. At one point, I had 10 in an hour—that's a lot for someone that needs to be far from delivery right now! And the better we do at controlling and limiting my contractions, the better our odds are of avoiding pre-term labor, which unfortunately can't really be stopped once it starts rolling. It's simply too early to deliver the babies right now, they need to make it a couple more weeks at least. So for now we're aiming for 24 weeks, which is next weekend, then we'll set our sights on the following week, the week after, the week after and so on.

The situation changes so rapidly around the clock that sometimes it's almost hard to keep people informed because we may have gone through three different plans since we last spoke to someone! It's definitely a day-by-day and week-by-week situation, but we've also figured out that by me staying calm and laying down most of the time seems to help my body stay relaxed and keep from contracting as often. My last dose of the Indocin contraction medicine is at noon today (you can only take it for 48 hours about once a week), so we're a little concerned about what will happen when the medication wears off and whether or not my contractions will return. I'm having very, very few right now, which is great. And I'll remain on the Procardia, which is also supposed to help, so you can bet I'll be laying down taking it easy. (Would you believe half of this blog post was written with one hand while lying on my side!?)

On to some exciting news, here's my 23 week photos for which I slapped on a little makeup and even changed clothes just for you guys! Hospital life doesn't call for good looks as part of the deal and when you're on a new medication every other day, beauty concerns can easily go out the window. My face looks really tired in these, no matter how hard I tried.

And now for (drum roll).... 
Folks have been asking for awhile now if we had names picked out and we hadn't finalized them until last week. So now we are excited to share the official names for each of our quad babies, in order from Baby A to D (remember Baby C is the boy in the bunch).
So Harrison is our boy and the other three are our feisty little gals. You'll notice they all share the same middle name as a sort of tribute to their life as quadruplets. It's subtle but meaningful to both the husband and I, and we are thrilled to become even more attached to our sweet kiddos now that they each have a name. :)

That's all for now, folks, it's time for me to relax and be still for awhile. It's hard not to get to do much, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes for these babies to stay in as long as possible. The husband is here with me this weekend and I'm loving getting to spend some time with him. He even bought me a 32-inch flat screen and brought it up to my hospital room with our DVD player. Can you believe it!?!? He seriously thinks of everything and has been so thoughtful and diligent in being sure I have things to keep me comfortable and entertained. (The hospital TV is pretty small and doesn't have DVD-capability.) I am truly blessed to have such an incredible husband, he's sort of the unsung hero in all this because he's been balancing a boat load of things just since I got admitted on Monday. And he does it all with a smile, showing up to the hospital every day with an armful of goodies, whether it's a burger or clean clothes or some new movies. It all just makes me realize what a wonderful dad he's going to be. :)


  1. So happy to see this update.
    Love those baby names!!
    Lee is a family name for us and it is scattered among many family members, so of course I like it, as I also like the first names. Rest. Rest. Rest. Because you'll get no rest when those sweet babies arrive. Continuing to pray!

  2. You may feel tired, but you look beautiful in your pictures!

    And your names are so sweet! I love that you have matching middle names for them since they are quads.

    We are continuing to pray for many more weeks of pregnancy for you. As my perinatologist said to me every morning during my hospital bedrest, "Stay boring!"

  3. Yes, I have to agree with Rebecca you look GREAT! So beautiful!

    What cute names! Good idea on the middles too!

    We keep praying that you have a long and uneventful stay there in the hospital! Keep cooking those 4 buns! ;) Yes, every day (and then week) should be marked as an accomplishment! It's the little things that are really HUGE things!

    Lots of hugs and prayers to you!
    -Maria C (fellow quad mom of 4yo GGGG and an 8yo boy)

  4. That's awesome - I was praying so much for all you guys last night and will continue! Lee is Rick's middle name and we have Gabriel Lee and Lindsay LeeAnne, so it is awesome that y'all did it that way! You still look so beautiful! Shane's wife is due with Maverick Alan in 2 weeks but she is already dialated to a 2 and beginning to efface so her Dr. said any day!!! She is ready - I told her about you last night and she just said, "OMG, I can't imagine!!! Bless her heart!!!" ;-)

  5. For all you have been thru you look wonderful and so cheerful!!
    Love the little ones names, especially the little guy's name.
    You definitly have a Great Dh, and your Dmom aint to bad either:)
    Continued Prayers!!

  6. Yay Mike!! Amber, you do not look tired. You look beautiful! Glad the hospital stay is getting better. The names are adorable. You could practice saying them all really fast so you get the hang of it when you need to yell at them. ;)

  7. Cute names! I like the idea of a shared middle name, that is cool.

  8. You don't look tired to me, although you should be. Glad to hear the doctors found something that will work for you. Rest my dear. You will get little of it when you get home with four babies. Love the names. My church is still praying for you. I have to give them updates each Sunday, so thanks for the information.

  9. Girl you look amazing to have been in the hospital since Monday!!! Glad to hear things are currently under control. Sending prayers everyday for you and those babies. I LOVE the names you picked out and especially love that all their middle names are the same. That is just so special. Kudos to your hubby for taking such good care of you. Tell him to keep up the good work! It's so awesome to have a mate that you can depend on when your in need.

    Lots of Love and Hugs!

    1. Thank you Angie! One baby or four, I am sure you know how important that extra love and support is. :) hope all is well in your world!

  10. you look great....I love the names...I think I was that big with my son...of course he weighed 9 1 1/4 21 inches long...and I am 4 ft 11....your hubby is a sweetie..

  11. You look simply amazing, and I send all my prayers to you! My name is Claire, and I just recently bumped into your lovely blog, and I've been following for the past few weeks. And my girl, you look stunning, and I'm praying that you can keep those babies in for the longest time possible! To keep you sane in the hospital, my friend that was expecting twins had a Youtube account doing Vlogs and rants and belly postings and got a lot of viewers; you should try doing that too! Anyways, best of luck, and I will keep praying for you.
    Much love, Claire

  12. what adorable names! love the common middle name that will forever connect the four of them! could you do a post on how you came to choose those names and any other names you considered? i'm slightly obsessed with baby names!

    otherwise prayers to you for healthy babies!

  13. Pamela texted me the names as soon as she saw the post since I was without technology over the weekend. Love the names. You look tired but great. Hopefully those little Bells stay put a while longer. I'd like to hear how you chose the names too. Be good.


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