{Quad Squad} 25 Weeks & A Video Greeting

We've made it yet another milestone! Today I hit 25 weeks, which has increased our quadruplets' chances of survival by an estimated 20% since last week. (Don't forget I have a medical degree and all, so my facts are never off, lol.) Getting to 26 weeks will see another significant improvement and every week we progress after that will be truly all the more amazing.

The quads have started growing and fast—I'm exhausted much more of the time than I ever have been during this pregnancy. Which comes in handy when you're on hospital bed rest and napping is one of the most efficient ways of passing the time. As always, though, things are never boring, I now have gestational diabetes. I took my one hour glucose test this past week, which I failed. My blood sugar levels were only slightly elevated but it still called for the three-hour glucose test. That one's just a daisy. After fasting all night (no, seriously, I normally eat two to three snacks during the night!), about 4:30am the nurse brought me the most sugary tasting drink I've ever had. It was like drinking a can of Mountain Dew with six extra packets of sugar in it. Gross! After that, they drew a vial of blood from the back of my hand every hour for three hours. It's totally the best way to start your day. (And that was total sarcasm, by the way.)

Turns out, I failed that test too. Again, it wasn't anything extreme but still failed. My doc said the main goal was for me to keep eating and gain weight so the babies can grow—so no diabetic diet for me. I don't have to change my eating habits or anything, the nurse just pricks my finger once a day after breakfast or lunch to be sure my levels aren't crazy. So far, so good. I knew gestational diabetes was common for multiples, but wasn't sure exactly why. So I read up on Google and it sounds like it's due to the placenta, which produces hormones that effect your body's ability to process sugar. The pancreas often has to produce two to three times the normal amount of insulin for a singleton pregnancy, and with four placentas to deal with, mine simply can't keep up. So ta-dah, gestational diabetes. My doctor even chuckled a little when he told me, he knows it never ends with this quad pregnancy, always something! He said it was actually not a terrible thing, since the extra sugar in my system will help the babies grow a little more. Where will they find the room!?!

I've had a couple rough days this week, especially the day after the glucose tests since I was exhausted from being up all through the night. So I've had no shame in accepting some Ambien lately to help me sleep. I feel weird taking drugs while pregnant, but I am in a hospital surrounded by medical professionals who know what they're doing. I've been assured time and again it's fine (just avoid it during the first trimester, they say.) Then I was concerned about getting addicted to it if I'm taking it while staying long-term here, but a nurse yesterday pointed out I'd be going home with four babies and should have no problem getting exhausted and falling asleep when my schedule allows!

My friend, Ashley, who was pregnant with her quads in the hospital down the street, had her babies last week. I'm thrilled for her—she was 28w5d and the kiddos are doing great. She was kind enough to share her birth story on her blog, which you can read here. They are already over a week old!

To celebrate 25 weeks, this time the husband brought fajitas. (Last week it was steaks for the big 24!) I decided I was sick of eating in bed so I moved to the chair nearby and my husband pulled the bed table up and loaded it down with all the trimmings. Yum!

We just got back from a quick wheelchair ride and a trip to the cafeteria downstairs for some iced tea and some yogurt—which I loaded down with toasted coconut, chocolate chips, sprinkles and fudge sauce. It was just what my gestational diabetes needed, I figured. The nurses that sent me off in the wheel chair told me to enjoy, I'd already passed my finger prick test for the day!

So it's off on another week, still trying hard to take it day by day. There are days I'm kinda depressed being stuck inside these walls and not getting to have my normal life. Sometimes 30 weeks seems like light years away, and other times I feel more determined that I'll make it. I've also spotted my first stretch marks on my stomach, they're very faint but they have arrived. I know, I know, 25 weeks with quads before they hit isn't bad. I knew they were coming at some point but still not exactly a thrilling moment, to be sure. Pressure on my bladder is growing, so now I'm up for bathroom breaks as often as 20 to 30 minutes. It's annoying since I have to take off my contraction monitor, haul myself out of bed and roll my IV stand with me. And my ligaments are starting to hurt from the sheer pressure and speed at which I'm growing and accommodating space for the quads. These babies better appreciate it all when we're done is all I have to say! Here are a couple of 4D photos of two of the quads, Harrison (C) and Kailey (B), they were cooperating during the ultrasound. Their little faces are so cute and the picture of all the arms and hands crack me up!

To sign off, I leave you with a video greeting to "meet" all my new followers and supporters and just thank everyone for being so positive and encouraging. Both the husband and I feel very loved!


  1. Hello from Sam and Faith and Levi!! We are looking at your posts and the kids are so excited about FOUR babies!!! FOUR new COUSINS!!

    Great post! See you soon!

  2. Glad you are hanging in there! Don't worry about the Ambien- I took it for the last ten weeks of my triplet pregnancy with no issues for me or the babies. I so looked forward to the 6-8 hours of relief from the pain of carrying three babies! The nurses are right- you will not have trouble with withdrawal. Between recovering from delivery, pumping around the clock and then caring for three newborns, I was able to sleep without Ambien whenever the opportunity arose. (which, I hate to warn you, was not very often!) :-) Keep on keeping on!!!

  3. So glad to hear the good news. Thanks for all the pictures and the video. I feel as if I know you through your mom. Still praying. I know you will do great.

  4. Way to go Amber on another week keeping those babies growing. Sorry about the GD but at least no diet changes yet. Just wondering if your nurses or doctors have mentioned a picc line at all for your iv access. It is a line that a trained RN puts in and doesn't need to be changed out. Usually mid arm so doesn't interfer as much and much less discomfort. They can also draw blood from it so you don't have to have so many lab draws. Your poor hands must be getting sore and hopefully you have many weeks of needing that iv! Love following you to see what is in store for me in 9 weeks.


  5. Amber
    The pics of the little ones are soooo cute!!
    Again your Dear Husband is soooo sweet bringing special dinners.
    Cute Picture of you two.
    Keep up the great work..praying you make it to 30 weeks,this Grandma in StL thinks you can and will!!

  6. Keeping you and the babies in my thoughts and prayers! just remember---I used to be a nanny to twin boys, so if you ever need an extra hand, I'm there!



  7. Another week down. That's so great.

  8. Celebrating each extra day the babies get to stay in Mom.
    You look great!!
    You get your great attitude from your pretty Mom.

  9. I read your Mom's blog so I always try to come over to see your progress, Amber, and I'm cheered that each week brings you closer to your goal. I loved hearing your voice in the video. Hope this will eb a good week. I'm praying for you!

  10. Amber, so good to see you'll are still in the hospital and kids all tucked in safe and sounds. I loved your video and the pictures of your precious cargo! Still thinking of you, keeping you all in my prayers, keep up the good work and remember, a positive attitude goes a long way and I can tell you are a positive person. Sending good thoughts your way! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

  11. Greeting from very, very , very hot olando fl . Hope all is going well with you and the quads , that there getting big and healthy each day . Keep up the good work and eat, eat , eat , eat . Have a great rest of the week .

  12. Hey Amber, you look GREAT!!! You are an inspiration about getting through this, keep leading me by example. I'm just six weeks behind you :)

    PS- If the mother of sextuplets could make it over 30 weeks I figure we've got this ;)


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