{Quad Squad} 10 Things About My Pregnancy with Quadruplets

Everyone has been so great about delightfully commenting on my "Quad Squad" posts—I'm surprised you're not all sick of hearing about baby- and pregnancy-related stuff yet! I looked back over my blog for the past several months and that's all it's been. Of course, it's definitely been my number one focus and quite prevalent where my day-to-day activities are concerned (or lack of activities, I guess, being on bed rest). And so since I'm still pregnant with quadruplets and folks have seemed to enjoy my sharing of both relevant and non-relevant information, I decided to jot down 10 random things you really probably don't need to know about being pregnant with quads. Here goes...

"Why hello feet! I'm so glad to see you."

1. I can now spell the word "quadruplet" forwards and backwards. I've also developed other nicknames you may have read, like quad squad, quadlets and quadlings.

2. There's nothing more incredibly weird than having four little babies start squirming and kicking in your stomach while you're trying to, um, tend to business in the bathroom. Dude, it's strange and I don't even care if that's TMI. Aren't we past that, by now?

3. I have spent the better part of many hours trying to figure out how we'll accommodate three teenage girls in our house (since we're having three girls and a boy, little man gets his own room, naturally). They won't be able to have their own rooms, but do 16-year-old girls really want to sleep in bunk beds?

4. Thanks to some fellow moms of multiples, we've ascertained that we'll plow through roughly 400 diapers per week. That's 1,600 diapers a month, y'all!

5. I never realized how convenient it is to be able to bend in half, bend over, bend backward...basically there is no more bending of anything these days. My stomach has gotten big enough that I can't even rotate my mid-section. Turning around requires I rotate my entire body 180 degrees. You could totally sneak up on me from behind.

6. I think my anxiousness is rising with each passing week as we get closer to the end goal, and sometimes it seems to slightly overrun my excitement about actually having quads. So I'm trying to focus more on the positive and the amazing end result—four babies!

7. Only I would reference the length of my cervix and eating a double cheeseburger in the same sentence, as per one of my recent status updates on Facebook.

8. Every day—and sometimes twice a day—I lather my stomach in Bath & Body Work's True Blue Shea Butter Super Rich Body Cream. It literally takes several hours to completely absorb, it's so thick. I joke that if someone were chasing me, they'd be able to overtake me pretty quick but they couldn't catch me, I'm slippery slip!

9. Having multiples, hell just being pregnant, has been a huge lesson in humility for me. I am very independant and strong-willed and that has occasionally made it difficult for me to slow down, stick to bed rest and even accept assistance from others. But it has also made me understand the difference between those who pity you and those who truly want to help; it has helped me learn to be patient and to be enormously grateful for all the incredible people in my life; and it will inevitably make me even more thankful for when I'm post-pregnancy and able to "move" again and appreciate all my little freedoms.

10. I have accepted the fact that seeing my feet, among other things, is a rare luxury.


  1. You and your mom are so amazing. I enjoy these post so much - can't really grasp 4 babies at one time, but I just know you will do wonderful.

  2. love your blogs . look foward to seeing them and how your doing . Have been following quad blogs for many years. Praying to saint gerard that you reach 32 weeks .

  3. I love your 10 things. As for #10, don't worry. You'll see your feet again -- someday soon!

  4. Your writings are wonderful reading, Thanks for the updates and the pictures, and Thank your Dmom also, her blog is also great. On #3 I wouldnt worry about 3 teen girls in bunk beds..I would be worrying about 3 teen daughters and all the clothes, shoes, makeup, and one lonely bathroom..and all the "monthly" mood swings;)
    Been there done that with 4 daughters:)

  5. we love your posts....glad things are going well...

  6. Amber, you and your handsome husband will be wonderful parents. One day at a time, even half an hour at a time. Don't look to far ahead that's to overwhelming for anyone. Lots of lessons will be taught and learned. It's a journey that God has blessed you and Mike with because your both up for the challenge.

  7. hi, i have been a reader for a few months now, and i have been following your stories with your quad babies! I wanted to say hi and wish you the best!


  9. This is cute! I love seeing what is going on with you because it is sort of like what is to come with me. As for room sharing....I see bunk beds in our future for sure! Pottery barn has lots of cute shared room ideas =)

  10. You crack me up. But hey wait a minute you can see your feet? You must of been laying down and lifted them up.
    Humility goes out the window when you're pregnant. And as far as where they'll sleep.... Wherever you tell them. You and Mike will make great parents and you'll work it out.
    I think I've told you this before but when I was 9 months PG I got scared and thought holy crap I'm having a baby, will I be any good at it?" A little late for me to think like that but I think I did okay and so will you. You had/have a great teacher.

  11. Im pregnant with qauds but im only 7weeks ,i have a one year old n three year old boyh boys they keep me tired hopefully ill make it threw this pregnancy

  12. I know this is an old post but I'm new to the blog and just read it now....I'm one of three girls (and a boy too) and we grew up in a tiny house. The best solution my parents came up with was two small rooms for the girls. One was the sleeping room with all the beds (and a closet/dresser because it was the only place they could go) and the other was the dressing room with another closet, dressers, dressing table, and a couple small desks. The idea was that if someone needed to stay up late working on homework/get up early for an activity, the other girls could still sleep comfortably. It worked out great for us!

  13. I am twenty weeks pregnant with quads. I found your blog to be a relief. I am measuring at 39" at the waist. Did you ever happen to measure your waist? Is this too big for 20 weeks?


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