Dinner at Sorrel

It's not a well-kept secret that I love to eat. Food is so wonderful, especially when it's unique, delicious and fresh! With my job as a freelance writer come a few occasional perks or benefits that I just, er, eat up. (Sorry, some puns are just too obvious to avoid!) It was a treat to attend a dinner at the new Sorrel Urban Bistro, a farm-to-table dining concept in Houston. There were some seriously fun drinks and yummy dinner courses, prepared by Executive Chef and co-owner Soren Pedersen. The restaurant is the second venture for him and co-owner and restaurateur Ray Salti who also manage Ray's Grill in Fulshear. 

Sea salt-crusted Black Drum fish with leeks and lemongrass

Spinach broth with lamb and goat cheese

Blue cheese risotto with braised duck

Brussel sprouts and cucumber on pork tenderloin and corn cake

Iron Skillet-seared filet mignon with grilled purple fingerling potato and bearnaise sauce

Gruyere cheese and pear pecan tart

Everything was absolutely delicious!!! The risotto was very unique and something I'd like to try and recreate some time. I was also head-over-heels for the Modern Rita cocktail, which had a heavenly coconut taste (I am obsessed with coconut, incredibly delish). Sooo... I snapped a photo of the cocktail menu so that one day I can whip up my own version! You're welcome to do the same—come back with a link to your post or photo if you do, I'd love to know how it turns out on the home front.



  1. Looks sooo good! It is funny you say that, I have been obsessed with coconut lately!

  2. They SOUND delicious! The only ingredient I would have is the cilantro!


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