Daily Pics: Family Time!

My mom and step-dad drove from Dallas to Houston yesterday and we've been having a great time already. I absolutely love spending time with my mom, we share a lot of special interests from movies and TV shows to laying by the pool and browsing Hobby Lobby. It really doesn't take much to keep us thoroughly entertained. :) Plus, I've been missing "home" (aka Dallas, for anyone reading) and the ability to drive over to my mom's house for lunch or catch up with friends for happy hour there. So the next best thing is having my mom at my house in Houston! Wanna see what we've been up to? Ya know I got lottsa pics!

From top to bottom:
1.) A John Wayne coffee cup I scored half-price at Hobby Lobby... I surprised my step-dad with it when he arrived at our house. He loves it!
2.) Some gorgeous $4 Gladiolus blooms from HEB
3.) Me and my sweet cat, Snowball, hanging out in the kitchen ;)
4.) Another kitty who got woke up from her nap... that's July and she's 18!
5.) A skinny margarita...
6.) ...beef and chicken fajitas...
7.) ...and a stuffed poblano pepper for our lunch at Lupe Tortilla.
8.) Mom and I outside the restaurant—she's wearing a necklace from my Etsy shop!
9.) Playing with my step-dad's camera at my house, that's a shot of my living room.

We found some serious bargains during our hobby Lobby venture yesterday and I got some super cute stuff at Ross, so I'll post about that next time, plus a "sorta" recipe inspired by the grocery store. Hope you're having a fan-TAN-tastic Tuesday! (Okay, perhaps bit too much time poolside for me...) 


  1. These are all fabulous!!!! now you have me craving a big ole' stuffed pepper! ;)

    p.s. my mom and I bond over Hobby Lobby also!

  2. Don't you just love HEB?! Your living room is too cute, by the way.



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