Super Bowl Sunday!

The buzz began at church this morning as the pastor acknowledged he would be sure to keep the service on time as pre-game shows were already beginning...



The husband is in excited mode. It's sunny out, the temps are in the low 60s, he's headed over to his BFF's house to help fire up the grill. Oh yeah, somebody's happy today is all about football!

He just loaded up our little cooler bag with beers, cokes and Crown - we're watching the game at a friend's house, where there will be tons of food, good folks and football! 

I am about to whip up some cream cheese brownies and a veggie side of green beans (steamed, then sauteed in coconut oil with garlic, salt & pepper) to bring over as well. And I've got the perfect football dishes to serve them from!!

With all that food, I'm dressed comfortably today to accommodate the eating and lounging we'll be doing. I think Super Bowls are more about the food and commercials sometimes than anything else! 

My mom and step-dad were going to be arriving in town today, but Dallas' has still been frozen and there's a chance of more snow and ice later in the week so we all agreed it was best they wait for better conditions before traveling to Houston. To find out what they're doing for Super Bowl Sunday, read my mom's blog post here

Well, it's off to the kitchen I go, then it'll be time to pack up our eats and head on over to kick off the big game. Hope you have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday wherever you are, go team!

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  1. Well, you look adorable and Mike so handsome!! SO wish we were heading off to go WITH you guys!! I agree with you! Super Bowls are mostly about the food...who you are watching it with and the COMMERCIALS! We plan to watch each one!
    Earlier we were watching all the pre game shows and I found it so funny that in 1989 when Troy Aikman won his FIRST SB.....(before the cell phone era) he went to his hotel room...called his girlfriend, his family, his friends. Everyone was out partying and he was alone in his hotel room thinking, "I am MVP and just won the Super Bowl! Where IS everyone??" In his next 2 trips to the Super bowl.....he had his plans all mapped out ahead of time!!


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