Mirror, Mirror

I have so many different things I think about blogging on throughout the day and then I always fail to write them down. I also have a couple home decor projects I want to share with you all, but alas I must actually complete them in order to do so.

Thus, in the interim, I shall depart from the usual and share a few outfits I've worn recently. No, I'm not turning this into a fashion blog - so don't get all excited. Or upset, whatever the case may be. I am making it a goal to snap a photo on the days when I get out of my sweats feel pretty and pulled together, and then work said image into a post that had to do with my day. I take a gazillion pictures of food, decorations, activities and other items that are a part of my time, so why not an outfit here and there? I hope you don't mind. ;)

I must also state that I'm a painfully novice beginner when it comes to taking outfit pictures with my lil Canon camera in the one full-length mirror that exists in my house. So some poses might look, well, wierd because I'm looking at myself backwards and then wondering the whole time whether or not I look fat. Don't we all? Nay lie, friends, it's the story of our lives.

Anyways, I won't bore you any further and proudly reveal three of the trendiest outfits you've ever spotted! *snicker*

This is what I wore to a steak dinner with my husband for date night. All items were purchased in Scotland!

I decided to snap this photo before I put on makeup. But that's neither here nor there. It was early, and I wasn't fully awake... which is why I chose the bright, chartreuse green sweater to liven up my Sunday morning on the way to church.

This little winter's day getup is what I decided to sport to the library, so I could look like a professional editor at work rather then a sweats-wearing college student studying. It may have worked.

It's mid-70s all week here in Houston, Texas so here's hoping we get to start pulling out shorts and tank tops in the not-so-distant future!


  1. I'm so excited! Full on outfit post! Now I don't feel alone out here :) And I LOVE that first top and your hair! So pretty, wish mine would do that!

  2. I agree! I am pretty much in love with your hair and I am excited about the outfit posts! You have such cute syle!

  3. I love all three....especially the first since it came from Scotland! The jeans and sweater were my very favorite! AND... YES! You did look like an editor in the 3rd picture! Most college students do not look that put together! I remember you wearing pajama pants once upon a time in college.

  4. Love the first outfit, super cute!

  5. yep it's getting hot in houston. my hair is not ready for the return of humidity and i feel pale.


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