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I'm still working on decorating my office and trying to finish it up with clean, crisp style. The color palette is so pretty, light and neutral that I don't want to take away from it with too many heavy colors, frames or clutter. I took a break from work today to google tips on decorating book cases and there are so many options out there! You can color coordinate the items on your shelves, right down to the books, which makes a pretty stand-out effect. There were rainbow colors, all white arrangements and even gold on pink. Then, of course, it's all about deciding how many books to put on the shelves and how to make the most of the storage. I came across these pretty pictures as inspiration, the last of which reminded me that a little greenery can break up a monotonous color scheme and be a great addition to office bookshelves.

Belle Maison

Design Decor Staging

via The Designer Insider

via Style at Home

via Oliveaux

via Habersham Home

I also got a good tip from an old blog post by Centsational Girl on creating your own book covers for a consistent look on your shelves. I've got tons of books that I like to display, but some of the covers aren't as easy on the eyes. This will be a great solution for using what I've got with a little DIY help!

Centsational Girl

Speaking of books, I just finished Stuart MacBride's latest installation in his Logan McRae series (it took me less than two weeks!). Shatter the Bones was such a thrilling read and I wish he had 10 more just like it. Suppose I'll have to wait another year or two to get my hands on his next tome, so in the meantime I'm scouting for novels by other gritty crime writers. I love a little blood and guts and a good case twist in my bedtime stories. ;) If anyone out there has some suggestions, I'm all ears!

I'd love to see photos of how you have decorated your book shelves and/or book cases. Write up a blog post on these items in your own home, then come back and leave me a comment with a link. If I get enough participants, I'll link everyone up in my office reveal post, coming soon!


  1. I like the one from the Habersham home myself! That's the way I want the shelves in my 'new' bathroom to look! I am going to paint the frame of the mirror I already have white thne sand it in spots to distress it. The only 'dark' will be my new vanity cabinet and the floor.
    I can't WAIT to see your finished office!

  2. Although different book care challenges may present themselves depending on a collector's geographical location, climate, available storage space, and budget, there are several commonsense principles that anyone can follow to keep their collection in fine condition.


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