It is COLD!

I even feel that is an understatement.

But it looks like we have a few more days to go.

When I left this morning, it was 22 degrees out. There are rolling power outages here in Texas that last 15-20 minutes at a time. I was getting frustrated with trying to get things done this morning in a powerless house (after waking up early to get ahead... fail!). So I headed off to the gym for a workout and figured I'd shower and get ready there in the light. No such luck. The kickboxing class I wanted to take was cancelled because their power had been off periodically as well and the group workout room was 34 degrees! But the electricty was running for the time being so I hopped on a treadmill and then did some weights. Better than nothing, I always say.

Because it was fr-fr-freezing outside, I wanted to stay comfy and warm. Heaven knows I had plenty of practice doing that when we were covered in snow while living in Scotland! In fact, I wore a hat that I bought in Scotland for my trip to Paris last December, along with the usual European winter getup, which consists of a tunic, leggings, boots and a scarf. I don't do many fashion posts but I thought this was cute enough to put out there, so bear with me!

Next up was Starbucks so I could grab some hot tea and borrow their Internet, which turned out to be a success. Then I headed on down to River Oaks for a lunch meeting for a story I'm working on, and a tour of Houston's new West Ave development at Westheimer and Kirby. Once all is completed, it'll have patio table-lined walkways, shops and restaurants - sort of like a buzzy piazza in the middle of town. Here's a peek:

Photo credit, L-R: J. Schmal; Candace Garcia; courtesy of Ivory Bridal.

Speaking of stories, I just had a health and beauty feature and a retail/shops page come out in the latest edition of Houston magazine, which you can view by clicking here and here.

Tonight, the Houston area is expecting snow and/or ice, so I'm planning to work from home and no where else tomorrow... assuming my Internet doesn't cave. I know we Texans are big weenies when it comes to freezing temps, but we're just not prepared for it to get this bad! How are you staying toasty? 


  1. In the den by the fireplace......
    and keeping the bathroom heater on high so that rooms stays toasty warm! Main heat is still on as well...and it DID get up to 70 in the house!

    Your outfit looks great...and YES! It made me think of the pics from last year when that was your regular clothing!

    This weather won't last much longer....it will be cold in Aberdeen for months more!

  2. You're adorbale and should totally 30 for 30 it up! It's nerve racking right now but I'm hoping it will be a confidence booster in the long run/I'll get to see what actually looks good on me!

  3. I am so sad its cold there! I am moving there in a week and one consolation I had was Houston's warm weather! The funny thing is we actually looked at those apartments- we ended up deciding on a different place in the River Oaks area though! Stay warm!

  4. I'm from Wisconsin where we just got about 2 feet of snow! My workplace was closed yesterday, but here we are, back at it today!

    It's quite chilly, though; however, nothing unusual for wintertime. I think when I got in to work it was 10 degrees, but the windchill is -10 or -15?

    I wear long underwear pretty much all the time in the winter - whether I'll be indoors or out. I think of it as a precaution. You never know if you're going to run into car trouble!

    Stay warm!


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