Wedding by the Creek

Last weekend, we made a quick trip to Dallas and back for a good friend's wedding at the Hackberry Creek Country Club in Irving. It was a gorgeous sunny day, I only wish I had felt better.

That morning I woke up with a 101-degree fever and could no longer pretend I wasn't under the weather. Talk about a ferocious attack of the allergies, which led to some sort of viral infection, which brought on the fever, which ultimately landed me in the doctor's office on Monday afternoon. But that's neither here nor there.

I sucked it up and away we went, Mike, my mom and I, to the wedding. We enjoyed the outdoor ceremony looking out onto Hackberry creek and the housing community beyond. It was nice to attend an event in Irving, my hometown, rather than Downtown Dallas somewhere. I like convenient. ;)

My friends, Medley and Vanessa, were beautiful bridesmaids!
The newlyweds, post-ceremony.
The reception was so much fun because, not only were we all over the moon for the newlyweds, but it was also like a giant reunion. The bride is a friend of mine that reaches back to "synchro days" as we call them. Those 11 years I spent swimming for the Pirouettes of Texas synchronized swim team in Irving were some of the best of my life. I gained a whole team of best friends from that experience and we have all kept in touch and remain close friends to this day. One of my best, Jessica, I've known for 16 years!

So the whole wedding was a great chance to see coaches, parents, swimmers and more all in one place, celebrating a happy occasion. It doesn't get much better!

I drank some whisky once I started feeling better, and hoped that would help kick whatever sickness was ailing me. But alas, I wasn't so lucky as the next day my temp had only dropped by one degree and I was miserably hugging a box of Kleenex the whole drive back to Houston.

But no trip to Dallas would be complete without some puppy lovin' time and I got to see my two giant babies for awhile, they have been kept in the in-laws backyard since we left for Scotland. They are so adorable and I cannot WAIT to bring them home with me once we buy a house! Soon, soon, soon...

Absence might make the heart grow fonder, but in this case it makes my heart squeeze harder. Perhaps we'll have a home by week's end. I need a place to store my things and rest my feet, a home where my husband, our animals and I can keep!


  1. I know you are so ready for your own place......
    It was great to at least get to SEE you IN PERSON with my own eyeballs....which is something I could NOT do this time last year when you were living in Scotland!! Hang in there! It WILL happen!!!

  2. Glad your feeling better Amber...I know how it is to want your own things and just think when you do get your own things out of storage everything will be like brand new and you will just be thrilled. You will find your place and all will be well.


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