A Tale of Homes

**Update 12/2/10: The short sale house has come through! We are in the final stages of closing and can't wait to reveal our new home here on Texas Tales.

Yesterday, the husband and I (along with our very patient realtor) kicked the tires and lit the fires on our final leg of the "Bell Post-Scotland House Hunt."

I say it's our final leg because, well, we're downright tired of looking. We have viewed around 30 homes, some big, some small, some great, some we hate - but just hadn't found the perfect house for us.

We thought we found one early on, and it was a killer price so we immediately made an offer. But that was nearly two months ago. Turns out, a short sale house is one of the most complicated types of houses you can buy! It's not technically owned by the bank, and the current homeowner is probably slowly going upside down in the house, so there's a lot of things that have to go right for a short sale to be successful. And while we adore the short sale house we found, we're worn out with waiting and still have no idea how much longer it could take and risk the answer being a "no" anyway.

Then we realized that it's not all about finding the perfect home as much as it's about finding one that works for us. We can take any plain Jane home and turn it into "ours" with our style, our furniture, our choice of paint and a few simple upgrades. Renewed and on a mission, this was the mindset we set out with yesterday to tackle the six homes left on our list.

We put an offer on one this morning - but to avoid jinxing ourselves, I'll save specifics for later. We've got our fingers and toes crossed and prayers being uttered... all we need is a big THUMBS UP from the seller!

Since I'm in such a homeowner's spirit, I decided to check out the big, shiny new Homegoods store in Katy and made out with a couple cute wares, like a bowl and serving tray perfect for football season!

These baskets will work great in a pantry, or under the counter, to help organize small pieces. 
I love Pumpkin Spice candles during the fall. This one has special meaning...
 I won't light it until my mom comes to visit us in our new home and help decorate!

Superbowl ready!

Hope you all have plans for a healthy, happy weekend in your own home!


  1. YES!!! This will be the first of many 'Homeowner' Posts! WHATEVER the house and WHEREVER it is.....you are just HOURS away as opposed to thousands of MILES away in Scotland. I, for one, am giving a big 'Thumbs UP'!!!

  2. So glad you have a bid in on a home. We are about to do the same thing. Rayne cries all the way home, sometimes on the way there - so 2 hours crying everyday is not acceptable. We have to move. We will be putting a For Sale sign in the yard this weekend. We are pre-qualified, but really want to sell our house. Not brave like you guys to rent our home. Love ya!

  3. Summer.....what are you doing up at 2:55 in the morning???


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