A Mother's Home & Light-up Wine Bottles

I wanted to start this post by explaining something about my mom. She is the ultimate nester. She loves decorating, she enjoys being creative and she adores her home. It has been her passion and a source of great joy in life to make her house into a home and to fill it with all the things she loves and holds dear. Which is a lot of things.

I often describe her home, where I and my younger brother spent our entire childhood, as an elaborate antique store. There are things everywhere, and pictures hang from top to bottom and side to side on every wall. There's rarely a space that goes unused, and if you set down your keys or other small objects, beware: you may not find them again as they tend to "blend."

All of this I say lovingly, of course, as home is certainly home to me and my siblings. We love the smell of her candles, her uniquely brewed tea that's always fresh and ready to pour a glass, and her cozy way of making home life a true profession.

Here's a shot of her den, all dressed for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving:

My mom is also an avid painter, and has held art class at her home every Tuesday evening for as long as I can remember. She has a series of Santa paintings she's done, and paints a new one each Christmas:

She also has festive paintings for other times of year:

And she paints on every surface and object that'll hold the turp. Sawblades, tractor seats, discarded wood, license plates and more.

I have been enjoying a week spent in Dallas and plenty of time with my mom and was happy to be at home during her most recent Tuesday art class. In about 15 minutes, she created this gorgeous light-up wine bottle and graciously posed for pictures along the way so I could share the "know how" with you all. It is seriously easy.

First take your wine bottle of choice (clear bottles are great, and any vino containers with decorative elements like etched glass or a unique shape are even better), then carefully thread in a string of regular ol' white Christmas lights.

Then cut the cork in half. I recommend a serrated edge knife, since I nearly chopped off my finger using a smooth edged one.

Place the half cork in the top of the wine bottle, facing the curved part outward to hide the lighting cord that goes into the bottle. 

Adorn with festive ribbon or accouterments, like these gorgeous grapes my mom picked up at Hobby Lobby. Done!

Don't forget to take a gander at my recent road trip to Arkansas. And stay tuned for some spooktacular treats and last-minute festive ideas tomorrow!

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  1. You so described Mom perfectly! The saying, "There's no place like home" is very true to everyone, but I so believe it applies to us. Plus, there's no one else like our Mom!


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