Icing on the {Cup}Cake

Sometimes our jobs call us to go above and beyond our normal range of duties. And sometimes we have to answer that call.

So last week, I put on my best smiling face (despite the fact that I felt ill, and came down with a fever two days later), and went to work...

....icing mini cupcakes.

Gotcha! You were probably thinking I was having to do some serious down-and-dirty work, weren't ya? The life of a fulltime freelance writer isn't always glamorous, but I can guarantee you there are many perks to the job. And none of them are dirty. (You can now retrieve your mind from the gutter, please.)

My role as "mini cupcake icer" was part of a special event for Houston Tidbits, produced by a good friend of mine, Allison Bagley. She's a fellow freelancer and does some amazing things. (If you live in Houston, sign up for their free weekly emails delivered to your inbox with the latest news on what's hot around town, invites to posh parties and the best hook-ups!)

The event was held at Dimensions, a fashion boutique located on Westheimer in Houston.

One of the great things about these types of events, and the freelancer circle, is how well-connected we all are. I've worked with Allison on many occasions and still do - she writes for my newly acquired magazine, Dallas Brides, and I occasionally contribute to Houston Tidbits. And my freelance company's client, Kimberly Park, is a good friend of mine whom I've known for years and she runs her own highly successful public relations firm in Houston. One of her clients, who I was there on behalf of, is Ooh La La Dessert Boutique, owned and run by my friend and pastry chef genius Vanessa O'Donnell. (They just opened their new location in Katy - check it out, you will die in sweet treat heaven!)

So you see? Six degrees of separation or less. Making work seem less like work on a daily basis. :)

But back to the cupcakes. We had a three-tiered confection on display where guests could select their very own Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate cupcake and myself or my colleague would slick on the icing - chocolate or vanilla buttercream - then let them go to town with the sprinkles. So fun! Everyone loved it and flocked to the cupcake bar throughout the entire event.

I myself learned how to be a frosting pro and whipped the topping onto more cupcakes than I could count, only eating TWO in the process. I did decorate a couple to take home for a pair of special kiddos I know. :)

There were goody bags...

Loads of sparkling jewelry to look at...

Sweet Tea vodka cocktails...

And cupcakes, of course!

Sometimes life just requires a little extra icing on the cake.

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  1. Those sweet tea vodka cocktails look interesting! Any relation to Cape Cods???


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