Fall Fling: Pearls, Pumpkins and more!

Happy fall, y'all!

I've been in a very fall mood today. Was dying to be able to unpack my small bin of fall decorations and strew them about the house, light a pumpkin spice candle and bake some fresh bread while the 70-degree breeze whistled in the open back door.

But alas, none of those things were quite feasible in our temporary home at a friend's place. So I plugged in an extension cord and hauled my laptop out to the backyard patio table. Then later I made banana bread. Close enough, yeah?

Now I've taken a breather (freelancing around the clock this week), and perused some of the latest blog posts floating around the web. All the DIY-ers, decorators and designers are hemorrhaging chic fall crafts and decor! Here's my quick list of faves:

Decorating pumpkins with pearls.

The perfect plants and foliage for autumn.

Pumpkin bread with cinnamon honey butter.

Natural ways to decorate for the season. 

Stay tuned for my next recipe post - a hearty fall-worthy sausage skillet dinner!

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  1. NEXT fall you can really do it up BIG! Saturday if you have time we can monogram a pumpkin like the post you saw while in Scotland. I saw Casey's recipe earlier and I would love to try her salsa recipe! Looking forward to Sat! Summer and Abby will be over during the day if you get to come over. We are making cards! Feel free to join in!


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