Swinging into Monday...

I think I am finally feeling better. It's officially the start of my third week being sick, and I've just about had it. Hopefully I'll have put in my dues for awhile and won't need to be sick again for a long, long, long, looooong time. Because I just don't have the patience for it! I went about my daily routine and work and socializing like I wasn't sick. But my body wasn't having it and said "you can't fool me" then drug me down with a fever. Two days later, I finally caved and went to the doctor (last Monday), dutifully taken the antibiotics she prescribed and reveling in the codone-laced cough syrup that finally gave me some relief and helped me get some shuteye.

I keep waiting to wake up and feel totally whole again, so hopefully that day is right around the corner. Unfortunately, aside from feeling dramatically better I've still got a violent, nagging cough and a painful crick in my neck that nearly got me in an accident today. I though both ways were clear before barreling across the street in my Avalanche, but had apparently failed to crane my neck far enough to the right and didn't spot the car headed down my lane. It wasn't too close a call, just made me realize perhaps I should limit the vehicle outings until I have full range of motion back! So I made a massage appointment for the morning to hopefully work out whatever muscle's seized up and refused to let go.

And when that day of relief comes, I'll be feeling good as new! And not a moment too soon. I'm absolutely brimming with excitement to throw on my new Ariat boots (a recent and unexpected gift from the husband) and a pair of jeans and hop into the the roaring F250 truck with my friends Kristen and Medley for our road trip this weekend. We're packing up Kristen's two beautiful horses and hittin' the road for a country getaway with just us gals, some saddles and two good rides. Doesn't get much better!

It's funny that when special activities come up on the calendar - like a cocktail event on Wednesday, or our road trip this weekend - I have to maximize my trips to our storage unit so I can retrieve clothes and shoes I remembered are in there. And that might come in handy. Since living out of your suitcase and a duffel bag for two months isn't the most ideal closet arrangement.

So after church on Sunday, the husband and I headed over to our storage facility and rolled up the metal door to dig through boxes from Scotland among the furniture and clutter. You can tell from the photo that I'm psyched, can't you? I knew it was a dead giveaway.

We found some things, like my jeans, that come in super handy.

And some things, like these mismatched shoes, had to stay behind since we couldn't find their mates. Another day, another box...

But our weekend wasn't all boxes. We really enjoy double dates with my husband's younger brother and his girlfriend, who live in Houston as well, so Saturday night we chowed down on steaks at Texas Roadhouse (always a fave!) and then finally got to see The Town with Ben Affleck. It had been sold out the last time we tried to see it, even though we went to two different theaters. I thought it was a pretty good movie, and my husband always enjoys those types of plot lines.

Brother and his lovely girlfriend.
Me and the husband, full from yummy steak!

After our storage run on Sunday, we came back to our friend's home where we currently live and spent the day watching football and helped make delicious enchiladas with fresh guacamole and one-is-not-enough margaritas. The bro-in-law and his gal joined us again, getting a laugh out of the two kiddos of the house. I gave them Halloween bags packed with little goodies from Target - the brother loved his Iron Man 2 school supplies, and sister got a kick out of her trick-or-treat socks. It also turns out the four-year-old girl has a crush on the husband's brother, confessing to me after they left that she had "NO IDEA he had a girlfriend!"

Kids say the darndest things. :)

Today was a swift kick into Monday, as I've been busy as a bee ever since I forced my eyeballs open this morning. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse that I only need to stand upright and walk to my computer to be at work. I should probably be careful I'm not too bleary-eyed when I get going and start sending the wrong emails to the wrong people! I look forward to when we finally have a house and I can set up an official office with all my supplies and organized chaos.

I ran to the store for some fresh salmon and veggies, and loaded up on canned pumpkin I spotted displayed on a fall baking shelf. For Thanksgiving, I plan to make a whole bunch of pumpkin bread loaves to bring home for everyone. I just love making it during fall time.

I'm also excited that tonight the house is empty since the family is at the little guy's football and baseball games (double header in one night, can you believe it?). So we're taking advantage of the peace and eating a nice healthy, romantic dinner then popping in a movie and chilling on the couch. I love nothing more than a dark home, with candles flickering, my stomach full from a homecooked meal and the volume cranked up as a good movie gets started.

By the way, I've scoured the library and the Internet looking for some good reads lately and have been disappointed with more than one author. So I decided to quit trying so hard and went in search of some James Patterson, since I haven't ever really read some of his books. I randomly picked The Quickie off the shelve, and dove into 10 chapters worth last night. Needless to say, I'm intrigued! The novel is a steamy crime-laden plot versus the usual blood and guts reading I've been doing, so it's a nice change in pace but not too far from my must-have criteria. If anyone out there has some stellar crime, guts and glory reading suggestions, I'm all ears!

Hope your Monday is off to a flying start...

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  1. Can you please post the recipe for pumpkin loaf? Sounds like it would be delish.

    Also, I love James Patterson for a nice easy read. His books are always really entertaining. I recommend the "Alex Cross" series by him (includes Kiss The Girls, Along Came A Spider, and a whole lot more) because the character continuity is really interesting. He also has this series called "The Women's Murder Club" with titles like 1st to Die, 2nd Chance, etc. that are good as well. Hope you find some and enjoy them!


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