Wednesday Night Lights!

So last week I went to my first children's sporting event. Like first, ever.

It's so different to see things from the adult perspective, sitting anxiously in the bleachers while the kiddos toddle around in front of you, doing their best to succeed at some sporting concept currently still quite foreign to them.

Our friend's son, we'll call him M, is seven years old and just started playing football. While I suck in my breath at the very thought of the wee youngsters smashing into each other and jumping into kiddy piles to make a tackle, I also adored how cute they were in their big ol' helmets, huge shoulder pads and football pants. It was charming.

Finally time for M's first game, we headed to the field as the bright white lights flicked on and the kids ordered up on the line. Every time something even partially exciting happened I wanted to jump out of my seat and scream and cheer! And every time a kiddo decided to lay on the field because he got the breath knocked out of him, I wanted to run out there and make sure he was okay. I'm not even a parent!

Little M (M's sister) had her eye on the cheerleaders the whole game...

After two 10-minute quarters, it was a 10-minute halftime and the little group of cheerleaders put on the sweetest show. I think they danced to Dynamite or something, and it was just too cute. They had on their matching outfits, their festive hair bows and sets of pom poms, and did their dance for the football players, who sat in a line on the middle of the field.

It was a close finish, as M's team just missed scoring a touch down at the end of the game and lost by a small margin. But he think even he may have been relieved to survive his first football experience. I know I was!

M&M post game. :)

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  1. Aw!!! Taste of things to come! Now you get a glimmer of how I have felt all these years at your synchro swim meets! I swear they were harder on ME than they were you! Nothing like it! Glad you get to experience some of that!


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