Buying Spree

I love pretty things, like silver rings. And rustic furniture. Oh, and comfy leather boots.

And I got all those items this weekend!

Though we still don't have a house yet, we've been keeping an eye out for good buys and items that will complement our interior style. We recently found a bunch of stuff that was super budget-friendly, helping our pennies stretch really far. Saving money is our number one priority right now!

I was thrilled to find so many perfect things for our home (and a couple extras just for me!), since we don't normally purchase furniture and decorative items very frequently at all.

While I was in Dallas, my mom and I stopped at Hobby Lobby and I hit the country western jackpot! They always have huge sales, like 50% off, and their wall hangings and western accessories were included this time. Yay!

For $70, I purchased some super cute wall hangings (one that reminded me of our trip to Paris); a western towel rack set; and a few nautical-inspired things that'll go in the guest bathroom (wherever that may be!).

Mom and I also stopped at Garden Ridge and found this sweet little $12 sign:

Then I hit up Craig's List late night this week and found all sorts of great rustic furniture that was right up our alley. So I nabbed this end table and set of bronze lamps for $80 total:

I love the storage that comes with it, the drawer (perfect for remotes!) and the lid that lifts open on top:

This Texas TV stand came from a shop in Weatherford a few weeks ago, when Mike and I were visiting his grandpa, for just $250:

And Mike and I are about to go grab our newest purchases! I love this set of Texas rustic pieces, we only paid $350 for all three:

Then I got home from a dinner and movie date with the husband last night, and he surprised me with a new pair of Ariat boots!!!! I love them! 

Today I went to the craft show at the Berry Center in Katy, and it was loaded with tons of homemade goodies, cozy fall decorations and jewelry. I snagged earrings, a ring and bracelet - all for $20!!

My shopping spree is now complete, and I think I'll need to zip up my wallet for a little while! 

What fun finds have you purchased recently? If you've featured them on your blog, include a link in your comment as well!


  1. WOW! You hit the jackpot!!! Love it and can't wait to see it ALL in your new home! It WILL happen!!!

  2. I will try the 'link' thing tomorrow....I did find a fall find at the Goodwill today!


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