Feelin' Roomy...

I am trying not to complain about it too much. But I am SO BEYOND READY to have my own house!!!

It's been about one year and 52 days since we had our own place. And by that I don't mean a temporary flat in Scotland... I mean permanent and filled with all our stuff!

Fresh off the plane, arriving in Scotland. August 2009.

We're still waiting on word about a contract we've had a house for over a month now. It's complicated. But fingers crossed something good comes out of someone soon. I will say thank God for the HAR website, it's a huge help when you're house hunting in the H-Town area. Every single house up for sale or lease pops up on that badboy, and it saves you so much time and energy when you can search everything in one place!

In the meantime, we've got plenty of storage unit space since we rented another one to fill up with our Scotland shipment that recently arrived.

I was pretty darn thrilled our stuff made the journey safely back home. We weren't missing a thing. And we'd know... since we went through every flippin' box digging for extra clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. Seeing as we're still living out of a single bedroom graciously provided by our friends, I do believe we've reached max capacity. Can ya hang things from fan blades?

Excited for more clothes and shoes. Living out of a suitcase has its limits.

Sometimes you gotta appreciate the little things in life. Like cowboy boots and storage space.

These boots are made for walkin'...

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”
~Maya Angelou

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