Court Date

For the past (and first) three months of little Rayne's life, my sister and her partner Sabrina have been working their hardest to obtain full legal rights and officially adopt the teeny cutie.

Me and Rayne.
Her birth parents, who are related to Sabrina, were unwilling and unable to care for the child. But today, the story had a wonderfully happy "ending."

Sabrina, Rayne and Summer at the courthouse.
The adoption is official. And Summer and Sabrina can now lay claim to beautiful Abigail Rayne Parks.

It's a done deal! Gavel and all.
It's so heartwarming and incredibly powerful to see a little baby fighting the odds to survive and to finally receive the attention and loving care she so rightfully deserves. And I'm proud and honored that my sister is a part of that.

Me, Rayne and my sister.
Mom and Rayne.
This morning we arrived in full force at the Ft. Worth family court to witness the proceedings and then celebrate the moment when Rayne was pronounced with her new family. There were plenty of tears and lots of hugs, and Rayne managed to sleep through the most important part!
Sabrina's mom, Summer, our mom, Rayne and Sabrina post-court. 
Rayne's burp cloth - bearing her nickname - and the pencil gavel from the judge.

We are all so happy, relieved, and thrilled that the hardest and most unwanted part, the battle, is now over. To celebrate, we visited the Ol' South Original Pancake House for a hearty breakfast, some more cooing and aahing over Rayne and a couple gifts.

I mean, I just had to get some adorable new clothes for the baby girl! She looks so cute in everything.

My sister has also joined the blog world, which makes me proud, and you can read about their new and exciting "Life with Abigail Rayne" right here.

Here's to second chances, new life and oodles of love.

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  1. Hi Amber, I'm Sabrina's cousin and found your blog by chance. Thank you so much for sharing Sabrina and Summer's happiness with us all! They are truly a blessing in Rayne's life.


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