How 'bout them Cowboys??

To entertain ourselves while watching the Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans game on Sunday, all sorts of food and drink were in order.

Notice the stack of hamburgers at the back, ready to be cooked!

From football-shaped Tostitos to Mike's freshly shot bacon-wrapped dove, it was a smorgasbord of mouthwatering goodness! I think I might have eaten more than my share of garlic green beans, grilled sausage and chips and guacamole, because I wasn't feeling too hot the rest of the day. Oink, oink!

Mike preparing his dove for the grill. Cheese, jalapeƱos, bacon... the works!
Helping out in the kitchen, sporting my Cowboys shirt.
Loved these football-shaped chips!

It was very exciting that the Cowboys had a much-needed win. I think it was totally because I wore my sparkly blue eyeliner in support, don't you?

The week has started off plenty busy, and I've got more work than I care to think about for a Monday. Which, however, is an excellent problem to have when you're a full-time freelancer. Time to roll up my sleeves and start typing! I must have placed my creative thinking cap around here somewhere...

Over lunch today, I did catch a bit of Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Meals and the Crispy Oven Fish Fry with Mushy Peas instantly reminded me of many a meal in Scotland.

Our very first fish and chips meal at Soul in Aberdeen, August 2009.
I might have to take a trip down memory lane and whip those up for dinner one night. On that note, stay tuned this week for a new recipe or two and more on my brand new company!


  1. That blue eyeliner is CRAZY!!! I am SO glad I got to see you when y'all were in Scotland! AND eat at Soul! Good memories and I would have been so sad if I had not been able to experience Scotland for myself!! Happy WRITING!

  2. Alrightie then...you must wear the Blue eyeliner
    every Cowboy game until they lose. Or maybe they won't. Since DFW area is hosting Super Bowl it would be awesome if the Cowboys could be playng.


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