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In the midst of writing like a mad woman (over 7,500 words in less than two weeks!), I completely forgot to share the articles that have already made it to print! Before moving to Scotland, I worked for Modern Luxury Media as the Editor-in-Chief of Houston Brides as well as Senior Editor at Houston magazine. The bridal magazine was like my baby, I launched the very first issue less than three months after being hired. It's a gorgeous publication filled with all things luxury and bridal. During the next two years, I got to know some great people in Houston's wedding community, publish some amazing stories and meet tons of super excited brides who shared their wedding pictures and experiences with the magazine. It's a lot of work to produce a magazine on your own, granted I had some tremendous help from freelance writers and photographers and fellow colleagues. But I loved every second of it and when we made the decision to move to Scotland, I felt completely confident passing the reins on to Holly Crawford, who's done a fantastic job! She was also very sweet and allowed me the opportunity to write a couple stories from abroad, which you can read HERE and HERE. And you can see my smiling face HERE!

There's just something about the wedding scene that I can't get enough of. I would never have thought I'd enjoy writing about it so much. Yet here I am in Scotland, learning what the heck a Sgian Dubh is (turns out it's a ceremonial knife tucked into the sock and worn with a kilt) or what you do with a cĂ©ilidh (which would be a traditional celtic band... like our version of square dancing!). I'm enjoying looking at pictures of grand old hotels, tartan carpets and all, or reporting on some of the most gorgeous dresses from UK designers. It's kept me extremely busy the past two weeks but I'm glad to continue doing something I love, even when I'm countries away.



  1. What a great story! AMAZING! There you are in Scotland STILL writing and about your favorite subject at that! I kind of miss the excitement of your editor days...getting the latest edition of the mag in the mail and setting down with a tall glass of iced tea in preparation of reading every word! So this was a good 'fix' for me!

  2. LOVE IT! Thanks for the mention and you just can't stay away! xoxo LISA

  3. you were made to write about weddings! Houston brides is a beautiful magazine and you were a wonderful editor :)

    I hope you continue to write about weddings. I'm still obsessed with weddings, even almost a year after ours.

  4. Ah! I'm so glad I found your blog again. I lost it for awhile!

    I had a friend who interned at Houston Magazine. She loved it. Seems like a fun place to work!

  5. Wait! You have my friend's (as mentioned) blog linked on yours. Do you know Stevy? Seriously small world!

  6. Casey, yes, Stevy interned for me at Houston magazine! Loved getting to know her and we still keep in touch. I had randomly found your blog before finding out that you and I shared a mutual friend! Small world indeed. :)


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