Back in Aberdeen

It's been a solid week since my last update, which should tell you we were busy having fun and enjoying being in Texas!! Mike and I were thrilled to visit home and had a really great time. We returned yesterday and it is a bit strange to be back in Aberdeen. Unfortunately I've been at home all day sick, battling my third week of a sinus infection or something. And while laying on the couch, I've been staring at this:

All our clothes and suitcases that need to be unpacked seem to produce more things as I try to empty them. At least I have until next weekend, which is when we'll be heading to Prague... and with one suitcase instead of four. We were lucky they all passed the weight limit on our flight back to Scotland! Speaking of bags, I love this cute carry-on/weekender I got from Ross for $25, it will be perfect for all our upcoming travels. We definitely helped finance American stores while home and shopped shopped shopped!

I'll plan to update about our Texas trip in the next few days... thanks to everyone for making it such a good one!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Picture yourself WELL with your BAG packed and headed out on a new adventure! It will happen!


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