Saints Victorious

"The rain was still hammering down and the people of Aberdeen had reacted in their usual way. A minority trudged along, wrapped up in waterproof jackets, hoods up, umbrellas clutched tight against the icy wind. The rest just stomped along getting soaked to the skin. Everyone looked murderous and inbred. When the sun shone they would cast off their thick woollens, unscrew their faces, and smile. But in winter the whole city looked like a casting call for Deliverance."

That's an excerpt from the book I'm reading, Cold Granite, set in Aberdeen. It could not be more true right now! The city has been under a perpetual gray cloud of mist, but it didn't dampen our spirits for the Superbowl. Steve and I went to Asda and loaded up on all the makin's for fajitas and plenty of brownies, cookies and treats for a little get-together at his flat. We were even happy to hear our National Anthem--I thought Carrie Underwood did a great job singing live!!--and listen to American commentary during the game. Mike and I weren't really pulling for a particular team this year, but I know boocoos of folks were happy the Saints came out victorious! We had a lot of laughs, saw some great plays and even had time for a beer pong tournament, naturally. (Notice my homemade Superbowl sign in the photo... I had to work with what was at hand!)

We were definitely dedicated to the game though, staying up till the wee hours of the morning to finish watching. It didn't start until 11pm our time, and it was about 4am before my head hit the pillow. Combine that with meeting up with friends Saturday night and then ending at Soul for an "early breakfast" and some fun at the roulette tables until 6am and we were exhausted!

There's still much to get done this week before we head off to Dallas on FRIDAY so I'm hoping the excitment carries me through. Only a few more days!!

"There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.”
~Margaret Elizabeth Sangster


  1. As always...love your blog! The banner was very creative. And I agree...the author must know the Aberdeen you live in extremely well!

  2. you are quick! we had a lot of fun watching the game and hanging out. now i'm ready to be gone for a little while!


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