Beautiful Rays!

I would just like everyone to know that it's a BEAUTIFUL DAY in Aberdeen! This week has been really tough, long and busy and we're not quite to the end yet ... but creeping closer to being in Dallas! So I'll take whatever bright spots I can get. Wish I had a picture of the cute little cafe I grabbed lunch at today. It's called Food Story and has freshly made organic sandwiches, salads, soups and sweets. A small place with lots of fun meats, cheeses and sauces to look at on the display shelves and only a couple tables with cubed-shape ottomans for seats and some barstools. I sat on a barstool by the window with the sun on my face and had some really good broccoli soup and salad and even cold tea!! It's the first time I've seen any kind of "normal" tea here, it was lemon and green tea in a glass bottle and refridgerated. What a treasure. It was nice to get outside for a quick lunch break, the sidewalks were full of people shopping, heading out for lunch, grabbing coffee or just taking a leave from their desk for fresh air.

So looking forward to our flight, to seeing my mom and LD at the airport, to driving through Sonic, arriving at the Bells and running to the backyard to see my dogs and going to dinner at Texas Roadhouse!! I know exactly what I'm getting: a frozen margarita, a cheese and onion-smothered sirloin, green beans and caesar salad. Holy Heaven, does that sound good right now!!!

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. The weather sucks here right now, but I think it is supposed to be bright and sunny this weekend...hope you guys have a good trip back!

  2. thanks lady! i sure hope it's sunny, that would be perfect timing!

  3. As soon as you land I am SURE the sun will come out to greet you!! Loved reading about your lunch spot! SO glad I ahve been there in Aberdeen so I have a feel for 'where' you are and what you are doing! Will be great to have you in TEXAS again!! Sleep on your flight!


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