Our Easter Weekend

The husband and I have decided that holidays are infinitely more exciting now that we have kiddos. It's true! Everything holds so much more magic and charm when you're simultaneously enjoying a family-laden holidays while watching your children discover new things, open packages and participate in new experiences with wide-eyed delight.

This Easter started off first thing Saturday morning as we whisked the kids downstairs for a quick breakfast and then off to our church for a tot-friendly egg hunt. They got to see the Easter bunny, sing fun songs in the sanctuary and even watch a brief performance by a bubble lady before we headed outside for the goodies. We had to remind them not to open the eggs as they went but rather toss them in their baskets and move on to the next one then look at their loot later!

We'd already done more in a morning then we typically do on a weekend so we opted to head for the park and enjoy the sunshine. I've got one handsome husband! He loved getting to see how great the kids had gotten at climbing, sliding and swinging.

Kailey tried giving momma a push on the swing and I think I only knocked her over five times. She's a feisty one!

We picked up fried chicken on the way home for an indulgent lunch, then put the kids down for naps while the husband and I tackled a few things around the house. He put down new grass in the whole front yard last week! It's looking awesome, and he put the leftover grass in the backyard while I baked a cake to take to my mom's house. The quads refused to nap and it was a rather painful afternoon, so we finally gave up, got everyone dressed and grabbed our 96 stuffed Easter eggs for an evening at my parent's house. They were thrilled to see their cousin Rayne and put their egg hunt skills to the test again!

It was a late night, but one well enjoyed, and the kiddos fell asleep super fast—thank God! There's nothing worse than a cranky, overtired toddler. Or momma, for that matter. I got some sleep then woke up early to put their Easter baskets together, bake another cake for our dinner later in the afternoon, pick up the house, run some laundry, clean the play room, stuff Easter eggs for one last hunt and so on. A mother's work is never done or so the saying goes right!?

The Easter baskets were an awesome gift from my sister-in-law and I filled them with lots of good finds from Target's dollar section as well as some homemade bunny crayons, a Paw Patrol toy for Harrison, cute little straw fedoras from Target and bandaids. Which were arguably the top gift in the lot. (We're crazy about bandaids in a major way over here.)

We made hash browns, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast and let the kids go through their baskets as soon as they came downstairs. Pure excitement!

Despite running late, we made it to church in time for a wonderful worship service that literally brought me to tears. There was a song that told the story of Jesus' sacrifice and I became so overwhelmed by His love for us. I felt reminded that He sees each of us in our daily lives, with both our small struggles and our big ones. He is aware of everything and never leaves our side. God is truly good...

After church, we snacked for lunch and the kids went down for naps while I frosted a homemade Peeps and egg cake with shredded coconut, which the kids were pumped about having!

The husband's brother, Uncle Mark (below left), joined us and their parents for Easter Sunday dinner. The guys all hid eggs in the play room while the quads napped since it was rainy and muddy outside. Didn't seem to matter one bit, the hunt was a hit! They loved finding hidden goodies among all their toys.

The kids all got super cute Easter bags with more fun things from their grandmommy, including some adorable stuffed bunnies, books, coloring pages, a bunny movie and more. 

It was really a great Easter weekend and we continued to talk about the reason for the season with the quads on and off throughout. We want them to have fun and enjoy all the mainstream stuff, but to also understand who Jesus is, what He did for us and how much He loves us all. 
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  1. What a wonderful Easter weekend, the pictures are great. The girls dresses are adorable and Harrison is sooo cute.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Beautiful post, I love seeing all of their expierences. Love those kiddos.
    BTY Amber you look great!
    I love you all ❤️

  3. Glad the bags worked out good! Hudson got the same hat and Harper loves it.

  4. Nice to see the girls in non matching outfits.

    1. Thanks! They don't actually wear matching outfits too often. Coordinating maybe, but not always matching.


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