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It's been a long day. And I just sat down for only the second time since I woke up this morning....and it's 9:56pm right now. My freaking knees and feet are screaming in protestful pain and I'm on my second glass of wine, y'all. Good Lord have mercy.

The best thing that happened today, without a doubt, is the fact that my house got cleaned. I started with a maid service a couple weeks ago because I just couldn't keep up with the cleaning anymore. I don't need to have a spotless house to be happy, but it does need to be clean. And I'm not talking clear of toys and clutter. I'm talking dust, dirt and smudges. The kids strew toys around the place, and there's pretty much always a few piles of laundry waiting to be folded and put away—that's the norm around here. But when I'm constantly seeing layers of dust and grime that I just can't ever get back to in order to clean (or I forget within five minutes because there's a major disagreement over who had the red lego), things get messy. Thankfully the maid service has helped and we're doing the best we can to work it out budget-wise so we can keep up the cleanings every two to three weeks.

I had a lot of clean up to do in order for the maids to actually clean, so I was busy late last night and alllll morning getting stuff put away and counters cleared so they could get to everything. Yes, I literally have to clean up so my house can get cleaned. Ha! But it was worth it because everything's sparkling now. Thus I decided to take advantage and snap some photos for a quick spring home tour. Everything's not perfect like I'd have it if I took the time to style a few rooms or refresh the week-old flowers on the kitchen table, re-situate the pillows and blankets on the couch, put an actual photo into the new frame on the fireplace mantel and so on. But I always like a peek into other people's homes so I figured you'd like to see how Quadville looks in ours!

Off the kitchen, you can access the breakfast area and playroom, which are all the busiest places in our home on any given day.

The pretty spring mantel I put together in the playroom and an Easter banner that the kids helped my mom string while spending a day at her house.

And because there's no better place for it, our two dogs reside in the dining room more or less. There's a patio door right there so they don't traipse through the house every time they go in and out. A nightmare when it's been raining and is muddy outside. I hate all the dust and dog hair that accumulates like crazy because of it, but they like to get breaks from the weather and nap in their kennel during the day sometimes and they typically sleep in there at night as well. 

We also don't have chairs around our dining table right now, those are temporarily at our giant round granite kitchen table until I find more permanent fixtures. 

The image below isn't a great vantage point of our living room since you can't see much and the blankets and things are haphazard, but the setup works. I have a turquoise book case in the corner but don't have it pictured since it's in shambles right now and I haven't decided how to redecorate it yet.

The entry table is one of the few things I'll keep themed to a season or holiday. The white frames hanging on the wall are from Ikea and I took the black and white photos at the Dallas Arboretum one day, while the other images are free printables I found on Pinterest.

Upstairs to the master bedroom (and where the kids rooms are as well)...

Here's the amazing painting my mom did for me to hang above our bed! Love it!!

Not pictures are the kid's bedrooms (they were napping), bathrooms and laundry room and, lest you think everything looks orderly, here's my guest room...

Any type of project I have ongoing gets stashed in here, from toy sorting and laundry folding to decor and gift wrapping. Eek!

Hope you enjoyed the home tour, time to get back to my wine!!
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  1. So glad you got a maid service, my youngest daughter finally got one, you gals have so much on your plate you 4 soon to be 3 year olds, writing, jewely making, her 40 hr job, PTO president, 2 little guys doing soccer and now baseball, plus a soon to be one year old she like you couldnt stand the grime and fingerprints that she never seemed to get to.
    Love your house, and your decorating, even your guest room, I thought I was the only one that had
    a throw it in room for now, our pooch kennel is in the entry hall.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I so need to invest in a maid service. Unfortunately we don't even have one nearby. I've hired I don't know how many people to clean and none have panned out. I'm at the point that moving might be easier than cleaning. At least you've made time to get Spring Decor out. My home is still sporting the Valentine's decor. Sad, I know!

  3. I love the candidness of this! You know I've got piles of laundry, dust bunnies, and finger prints everywhere too ;). I really love your entry way display! It's perfect.


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