{Tyke Bites} Five Tot-Friendly School Lunches

Since the kids started Mother's Day Out and go one day a week, I've been prepping lunch for them to take to school. It took a little getting used to because I had to pack stuff that didn't need to be warmed up and that they can easily eat with little assistance since they aren't at home. Even with just one lunch (or four, depending on how you look at it) to pack per week right now, I'm always thinking of stuff that's a little outside the norm—since the latter tends to be a PB and honey sandwich or lunch meat and cheese. I'm no nutritionist and though we try to eat healthy around here, some meals contain extra carbs or typical kid fare. Regardless, here's five lunches that went over quite well with the kiddos and the lunch boxes came back empty!

peanut butter & honey sandwich squares, whole grain goldfish (with a gummy worm hidden in the mix!), all natural white cheddar cheetoh puffs, cherries, cheese stick and honest juice pouch 

Seasoned black beans, homemade guacamole, half banana and white corn chips

elephant-shaped grilled cheese, chex mix, greek goddess yogurt, rice krispie treat, veggie/fruit squeeze pouch and honest juice pouch

whole wheat toast pizzas (all natural pepperoni, pizza sauce and mozz cheese - was out of pitas and tortillas!), strawberries, raisin and nuts with a few m&ms

cheese quesadillas (brushed thin layer of coconut oil on outsides of tortilla, sandwiched shredded cheese in the middle and cooked on pan until brown), half a cliff zbar for kids (granola bar) and strawberries

And I'm always looking for new ideas, so please share some of your fave lunches (adult-friendly lunches too!) in the comments section...
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  1. Thanks for posting these great ideas for kids' lunches! They're convenient and nutritious, and most important -- the kids will eat 'em!

  2. Giving these lunchbox menues to Dd. She is looking for new lunch ideas for her 4 year old Pre schooler.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. So they go to daycare now

  4. Great ideas! We don't go to school yet, but could try these at home. Do your littles like cold pasta salad? I've been making picnic lunches and greek pasta salad is a winner.

  5. Mine love lunchables (meat, cheese and crackers that they put together) and any kind of kaboobs. Usually I do meat, cheese cubes, tomatoes and olives. I will also send tomatoes soup and send a long a straw so they can drink it instead of making a mess. Wraps are a hit too.

  6. These are great. I have to make lunches for my son twice a week while he is at MDO. I feel like I am always giving him the same things. Thanks for the ideas.


  7. Thanks for these ideas! My toddler will go to MDO four mornings a week in the fall while I work, and I was trying to figure out what the heck I'll give him for lunch away from home that many days a week!


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