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I do love a good weekend. Especially when it kicks off with wine and girlfriends! Which is exactly how mine started off Friday evening. The husband got home from work, took over quad duty and popped a pizza in the oven for dinner and I headed to a friend's house for some vino, food and relaxing with some of my BFF's. Known the girls in the photo below for more than 20 years!

Saturday morning began slow enough, with no further plans whatsoever for our weekend. The husband and I hadn't even gotten out of bed, when I told him that I'd really been wanting us to take the kids to the zoo together and perhaps we could go soon. He pulled up the website on his phone and noticed that kids two and under were free. Since the quad squad turns three next month—eek! and birthday plans are in the works!—we both threw off the covers and hit the ground running. Impromptu zoo day! I packed lunch for six and grabbed our souvenir zoo cups from our last trip we took two whole years ago, which turned out to still be good for $1 refills...score! Trystan had been the only kiddo awake that whole time so she palled around with us while we prepped, but we had to wake up the other three who were still sleeping at 10am! I seriously have sleepy head babies.

Highlights at the zoo included the moment we were at the gorilla exhibit and the big guy lumbered out right in front of the window we were all watching from, sat down to eat his celery stick and Harrison appeared completely unimpressed, shrugged and said, "I wanna see somethin' else." Kids!

They enjoyed petting the goats in the children's area until Trystan got head butted over by one, which the husband and I both found way more hilarious than she did! That night I asked Logan what her favorite part of the zoo was and she said, "The fa-mingos! And they were pink!" Girl has her priorities. ;)

We took pictures of the kids with the dinosaur sculpture before we made our exit at the end of the trip and Kailey ran right up to it's face and roared at it with all her might, then stuck her head in its mouth and requested a photo. Next she began singing a rocked-out version of Old MacDonald while she climbed onto the dino's tail before raising one arm up in the air and yelling "yee haw!" All of this was within a 10-second time span. She was tired but wired, to say the least!!

Fortunately, since everyone was so well rested they lasted the day very well. We stayed at the zoo for about four hours, I think, and the quads loved it all! Our pair of twin strollers made it easy to maneuver the place, even though they left both our calves and quads feeling like we'd hit the gym instead. Pushing 60+ pounds of kids in each stroller uphill and down bumpy paths is work! They walked some of the time and got in and out often, depending on what exhibit we were at and how crowded it was. We found the perfect shaded lunch spot and then reclined the seats on the strollers so the kids could lay down and rest for a few minutes while we scoured the map and made our way to the other size of the zoo for the last half of the afternoon.

Feeling empowered by a successful zoo trip, we opted to drive by my parents house and surprise them for a visit. Unbeknownst to them, we came with tentative plans to stay for dinner and be the guests that stick around for awhile. They didn't mind! The kids played and played outside between all the walkways in the backyard, the custom oversized sandbox that Louis Dean built and the gazebo where my parents sit nearly every morning and evening. The husband picked up a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner—something we hadn't eaten in years!—and we all ate on the back patio in the cool air. Then we gave the kids baths and dressed them in fresh clothes before making our way home. By then we were all exhausted, so we quickly got the quads in bed then took hot showers and watched an episode of CSI Cyber before drifting off to sleep.

By some miracle, we made it to church only 15 minutes late despite our tardy wake-up time—and mom and I nearly matched with our zebra stripes! The husband said we must've still had "zoo" on the brain. Church was a really empowering sermon that reminded us to set a good and positive example to all those around us as someone is always watching! My parents joined us at our house for lunch afterward (I love family lunches on Sundays) and I made steamed carrots, sweetened with brown sugar and a little butter, pasta with olive oil and seasonings, salad and pan-cooked chicken. I seasoned it with ginger, salt, pepper, orange peel, fresh orange juice and honey...turned out delish!

Naps followed so the husband and I could tackle a few to-do items on our lists while the kids slept, but unfortunately Kailey didn't comply and played for awhile then screamed and cried until I got her out of her room. I finished our meal plan and grocery list for the week then took Kailey and Trystan with me to Target, got a much needed coke and cruised the aisles. I had to keep things moving to prevent Kailey from having a meltdown but got it done!

Back at home, the kids all emptied my shopping bags for me and set all the groceries on the counters, which they absolutely love doing because it seems to make them feel very important! I managed to clean and disinfect every shelf in the fridge before putting all the fare away and we made quick work of dinner and bedtime. Whew!

Monday morning was a busy one and I've got some recipes, crafts and an exciting update to share this week—more soon!
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  1. What a fun weekend. have a question now that you are taking the kids to more public places, stores parks and the zoo, do you still get stopped or looked at?
    Looking forward to the recipies, crafts and especially the exciting update;
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Look at those cuties at the zoo! I can just hear the "ooooh's" and "ahhh's" from all four of them! Yay for impromptu trips, you can tell they had a blast!

  3. I'm impressed with your impromptu zoo trip! It looked like a total success, especially with kailey's final photo op :)
    Love you and your mom in the zebra print too! Great minds think alike!


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