Our Weekend

On Saturday morning, I had a bridal shower to attend for a good longtime friend of mine but didn't want to leave the husband with all four kids so we split the ranks. I took two of the girls—Logan and Trystan—with me and the husband took the other two—Harrison and Kailey—since they were a bit under the weather and we wanted to avoid them being around too many people. Little did I know that the husband would get motivated and take them to Home Depot with him followed by their first adventure in putt-putt! My cuties look so serious in the photo below, clutching their clubs and thinking of game strategy perhaps? Ha! Either way, it was awesome that they got a new and unique experience with their daddy and one that he could enjoy with only two kiddos in tow.

I enjoyed briefly catching up with my friend and the girls liked watching her open gifts and also indulged in a cupcake or two. Afterward, we went over to my mom's house and ate a afternoon snack followed by naps for everyone. I passed out on the couch—third day in a row I've napped! That is so not normal for me. But I have been exhausted every day for the past week or so, like I wake up in the morning and am super tired before I ever get out of bed. Nobody has time for that! I've been sure to take my daily dose of B12 and my prescription dose of Vitamin D this week and drink lots of water, I think I've just been a little more run down than usual. That happens every now and then, like hitting a wall when I've run out of gas and I have to catch up on some extra R&R to recharge then I'm good to go again. What are your energy-boosting tricks??

The kids enjoyed some sticker action later on thanks to fun little sheets of stickies that my Aunt Deanie sent them for Easter. I quickly printed out coordinating coloring sheets (thanks Google!), like a monster truck page for Harrison to accessorize with his monster truck stickers. They loved it and asked me to hang them each on their art boards in the play room when they were done.

And it's safe to say that Bandit, our recent new family addition, is adjusting to life here quite well. He's had no qualms about spreading out and getting comfortable. ;)

After church on Sunday, I met up with some of my girlfriends for a little wine tasting followed by Mexican for dinner followed by a few leisurely drinks and more girl time and convo! It was so needed and I loved getting to catch up with one of my besties who was in town for the weekend. Good friends and down time are often the perfect remedy for anything, right!?

It's felt like a long weekend though, because the husband had today off from work. Perfect! I could sooo get used to this. He took our suburban into the shop for new tires while I worked from home this morning then we went to lunch together followed by (bulk) grocery shopping at Costco. I went back to work on my computer afterward and he picked up the kids at school for me, snapping this adorable photo of them lined up for story time with their wonderful teacher. (I blurred her face for privacy reasons, but trust me, we love her and she's awesome with our kids!) 

They were listening intently to the book she was reading when the husband showed up and he hung back to watch for a second. They have a larger class during regular hours, but they stay in after-school care for a little bit after so there's only a few kids left by then. This gives me a whole day on Mondays to accomplish things child-free. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful Mother's Day Out program at our church and look forward to them starting pre-school there this fall!

Now I'm gearing up to tackle a busy albeit short four-day week and am grateful that the kids ran it out on the play ground today and shall sleep deeply tonight...
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  1. What a great weekend spending time with friends,
    Bandit looks so comfortable and apparently feels right at home;)
    When you hit mid 60's arent to many energy boosters, other then the recliner for a wuick nap;)
    Have a great week and Thanks for sharing:)


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