Our (Long) Weekend

There's been some highs and lows this weekend. An immediate high that comes to mind was getting out with just the husband on Sunday and watching the new Kingsmen movie—it was a great film! An immediate low is that the kids are all miserably sick, yet again, and we've got at least another week of recovery to go. The pediatrician even suspected that two might have RSV, and we've started breathing treatments to combat the wheezing in their chests. He also suggested a four week quarantine. Sigh.

When did my life morph into a medicine chart and endless bottles of Children's Advil, lukewarm baths to reduce fevers, load after load of laundry thanks to upchucks and whiney, clingy two year olds? Uh, well, technically about two weeks ago I guess. They all got sick then got well for 48 hours then started getting sick again. And now our doctor has advised us to keep them out of the general public and any germ-infested places for the next month. Feels like lockdown all over again. (We kept the babies on quarantine at home for about six months after they first came home from the NICU due to their 10-week premature birth and underdeveloped lungs and immune systems.)

I feel so bad for my babies and we're certainly doing everything we can to keep them as comfortable as possible and to help them recover. Humidifiers are running in the bedrooms at night, I've got peppermint essential oil diffusing during the day to help stuffy noses, we stick to our medicine dosage chart and schedule so we don't miss any—like Zarbee's nighttime cough syrup with honey to help them stop hacking and get sleep at night. We bath frequently to keep germs at bay and have changed bed linens, run countless loads of laundry and gone through about eight boxes of Cool Touch Kleenex so far. (It's the only reason their noses aren't raw.)

In fact, I'll let the kiddos update you as to how they're faring...

Oh yeah, an allergic reaction in the mix of everything right now has me on edge. I'm already paranoid enough when Trystan gets a fever, ever since her seizure in Target, and now I'm paranoid about Kailey sleeping through the night and her throat not swelling up or something in response to the antibiotics she apparently can't take. It's a wonder my eyelids aren't twitching yet and I haven't started going mental.

In between all the crazy, I've lowered my expectations for our days in general. Play time has included lots of lounging atop piles of blankets and pillows or the couch while watching some of their favorite shows, like Shaun the Sheep or Amazon's new exclusive Tumble Leaf (very cute)...

...made trips to the backyard when it's warm for some fresh air and play dough...

...pretended to pack themselves into boxes and bins that resulted in sheer hilarity...

...and multi-tasked, like coloring while doing breathing treatments. :(

We did celebrate Valentine's Day, which you can read about my decision to get on board with the holiday here. The kids loved their gift bags, the girls especially went crazy over the blue princess night gowns they got and have requested to wear them daily. They incur open-mouthed screeches of excitement and also dancing.

The husband and I exchanged some very lovely and meaningful cards after collapsing into bed Saturday night once we'd gotten the kids settled yet again and could finally catch 10 minutes of peaceful quiet in the house. I received a nice gift card to one of my favorite kitchen stores, Sur La Table! And the husband received a personalized pocket knife with a laser engraved rosewood handle, which was a hit. It came from an Etsy shop called Everything Decorated. I'd had plans—and a recipe and all the ingredients—to make a romantic dinner for us that we'd planned to enjoy with wine but we were both just so wiped out we called it a night. 

Since we have no other fun photos of family outings or anything exciting from this weekend I'll digress to the weekend prior. During the aforementioned 48 hours of healthiness, we made it out to the country to visit the husband's grandfather, who's a spry 94 years old and was all too happy to have the quads hug his neck and run around his house and acreage. 

I also made it to dinner with my fellow quad momma buddy, who was just recently in the trenches with a very sick quad squad of her own. And yeeeeeeah, that's a bathroom selfie I took while I was wearing something that wasn't black, yoga material or partially covered in toddler excretions. You can judge, just do it silently!

Needless to say, between all the coughing fits that lead to gagging that leads to upchucks in any random old place around the house, the whiney toddlers that require tons of extra cuddles and TLC and everything else going on in our house right now, I was pretty happy to have the husband home today from work as it was a holiday for his office. Poor guy is also now officially sick, though, but he still held down the fort so I could run some errands and get out on my own before tackling the rest of the week stuck in the house. 

I'm thinking tomorrow morning—since it's too cold for the park and we can't make our usual trip to the gym where the kids play at the kid's club—we'll do some drive-thru errands. And maybe just some extra driving around in general so momma can enjoy a mocha light frappuccino from Starbucks and get my caffeine on. It's rare I get to finish any sort of drink while at home with all four. Unless you count the wine. Wine always gets drank!

So please send prayers and well wishes our way....

Here's hopin' the kiddos will be back to heartbreaker status in no time.
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  1. Amber, it's the first time I've watched a video of the kiddies. So sweet! And you look great in the yoga outfit! Hugs

  2. You can count on our prayers, not because they have any power, but because The One Who hears them does! Two-week quarantine doesn't sound like too much fun for any of you! We watched the video twice just because we could. Harrison is talking so well and Kailey is, too. Poor Kailey. She looks as if she is feeling pretty poorly. Tyrstan and Logan were thoroughly enjoying their bath. What cutie pies all! Hang in there, this, too, shall pass.

  3. Hang in there! They have to get sick so they can build up an immune system, at least that is what I tell myself with my kids. :) I totally know what you mean by driving around (somewhat) aimlessly just to have a few minutes to sit down! Haha! Also, I have to tell you that you must invest in a Yeti rambler! Keeps your drink warm (or cold) for hours & hours! It is the only way I can have a beverage that isn't room temperature! Anyway, all the best & hope the kids are feeling better soon!

  4. Praying they all bounce quickly!! We have 2 that are really sick with various things as well, one being RSV so our neb is going around the clock . Tell the Quads the girls say feel better!

  5. Hi Amber,

    We as mothers are in this sisterhood of motherhood together! I am sending prayers your way!!
    Your quads symptoms sound very similar to my toddler symptoms for mycoplasma pneumonia "walking pneumonia". Low energy, low grade fever, coughing fits ending in throwing up... Finger prick blood test confirmed the diagnosis. Albuterol breathing treatments and azithromoycin was prescribed.
    I'm praying for you! God is with you during those late, long nights.

  6. Sending you many hugs and prayers, hope the kids are on the mend soon,and that mommy does not get sick, Wattching the video poor Kailey looked and sounded so miserable, poor baby:(
    Take care and Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh girl, I'm so sorry your babies are so sick. You are doing a wonderful job caring for them and keeping them busy while quarantined. Loved their little video, even sick they are precious. Hoping everyone is healthy for a quad squared St Patty's Day shin dig! Xoxo amber

  8. Geez It's horrible when 1 gets sick but all 4. Can't imagine and then reactions to the meds. Hugs and prayers. Love the picture of their boots.
    Hope everyone is recovering and on the mend
    Hugs and prayers for your sanity and good health all around

  9. What a job! Wow! Be sure to change their toothbrushes or wash them in the dishwasher after each illness, and make sure they are stored separately. Germs love to live there, and they could be re-infecting them! Blessings!


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