Five Things - New Beauty Buys!

It's been awhile since I've done a Five Things post and I realized I'd gotten several new beauty items that I'm loving so here's my scoop on what's new on my bathroom counter!

1. Have you heard of the Wet Brush before? It's truly a miracle brush. My hair gets soooo tangled after I wash it. Every time. Doesn't matter what type of conditioner I use, if I comb it through while in the shower or not. But by combining a wonderful detangling spray (see #3) and this Wet Brush in a cool chevron print, it's a far less painful process to work out the knots and not pull my hair out in the process. This brush works so well on dry hair and even when my hair is curly, too, and it's been pretty much all I've used lately.

2. I'd run out of my daily face lotion that I use in the morning (I opt for coconut oil at night before bed—there's so many uses for that stuff!), so I was in the market for a refill. I was about to go for my usual when I spotted Neutrogena's new Hydro Boost Water Gel and threw it into my cart. Because of our super cold weather, I'd had two dry spots on my face for a couple weeks that I just couldn't get rid of and less than 48 hours with this new gel they were gone. So, needless to say, this is my new fav lotion for muh face.

3. As I mentioned, tangled hair is my nemesis post-shower and this stuff is amazing for beating the knots. And it doesn't make my hair oily or greasy looking after everything's dried.

4. I'm not a big-time essential oil user, but I do have a couple in my arsenal that get a regular rotation. I took a small spray bottle from the $1 bins at Target's beauty section and filled it with about 36 drops of lavender oil and then water for a bedtime pillow spray. Smells divine and truly helps me relax after lights out. I also take a few drops to my face when my allergies are killing me (above eyebrows, down the nose bone and across each cheek). This stuff also works great in a wax warmer, as would any scent of oil. I add one tablespoon of coconut oil—the high heat oil lasts very well in the warmer—and 8-10 drops of essential oil and my house smells amazing. 

5. Last but not least, every gal is always in search of the perfect deodorant, am I right? I use coconut oil a lot but for the days I'm getting in a serious workout or I'm literally running my ass off chasing after the kids, I need something that's not gonna fail me. I snatched up one of Degree's new spray-ons and love it already. 

And now that I've solved all your face lotion and deodorant choosing problems, you're free to enjoy your weekend ;)
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  1. We love wet brushes around our house! I keep one in every bathroom and one in the car. Seriously, best invention ever.

  2. been using the wet brush for a few years its amazing


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