{Home Decor} My New Gallery Wall

I absolutely love having photos around my home. I often tend to buy new frames for new photos, versus updating framed pictures I already have. Personally, I like seeing a mixture of old and new images that remind me of times past as well as more recently made memories and milestones. Lord knows that with quadruplets, there's plenty of those to go around these days!

It all started with three black frames showcasing three of my favorite photos of the husband and I together during our college years. I had them hung in a horizontal line across my bed in the San Marcos town house I shared with my BFF, Lisa, for the last two years of college. From there, in our past two homes, I slowly added to my black frame collection and amassed a miniature gallery collection.

After we moved into our current home, I quickly decided the downstairs hallway was the perfect spot—I could see the pictures every day, and guests could easily view them as well, since they're next to the laundry room and downstairs bathroom. I hung the "B" on the wall first then hung the frames one by one as they made sense to me. I did contemplate laying them out on the floor first in the pattern I wished to hang them, but I didn't really feel like taking time for the extra step (it was only a matter of minutes before one of the babies would start protesting from the play room), so I just went with the flow. I really like how it turned out and am so happy to see my photos on the wall again! Plus, I have three new frames to fill with new images and look forward to having fresh pictures in rotation.

The large picture of the babies is one I took of them at home myself and they were just over four months old. We'd barely gotten all of them home from the NICU at that time!

The laundry room is the first door on the left, the guest bathroom the last on the left and the door at the end of the hallway leads into the downstairs bedroom, currently used as a guest room and catch all for odds and ends as we continue to unpack.

I've had a lot of enquiries as to how the rest of the house is coming along, and it's a slow but sure process. Getting things on the wall has been a huge leap in progress! Here's a current view of our messy-lived-in-still-being-unpacked living room and dining room, with a view of the wet bar as well!

Slow and steady wins the race, right?! :)
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  1. I Love Gallery walls, yours looks fantastic.
    I don't see a mess in your "lived" in living room, I see a nice couch to curl up on with a book and glass of wine in hand to relax when the quads are in bed.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love spending time in your beautiful home!!! It's looking more like YOU (and Mike!) every day!!!

  3. You did such a great job! I love it! Love following you!

  4. Wow, I am impressed! It was a full year and a half before I decided to tackle my wall of pictures--- yours looks great and I am sure it makes you smile every time you walk by them!

  5. I love gallery walls. You're further along than me and I've been here 2 years. I know what wall I think I want to put pictures on but Mr K and I haven't agreed on it yet


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