{Daily Pics} Sweet Freedom & "Quadtriplets"

my lil cheeseball, trystan

whatcha doin', kailey?

a long overdue visit from one of my best friends who finally got to meet the quads!

skyping with daddy during dinner while he was out of the country on business

eliciting "freedom envy" from the others

a quad-triplet play date—a term we often hear ourselves when people don't know what to call quads :]

kailey girl's first pigtails...looks just like me as a kid here

Hope your week is off to a sweet start...
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P.S. The winner of my Stella & Dot giveaway.


  1. A Amber... is that Trystan in the kitchen sink?.... I made sure all my grandbabies had baths in my kitchen sink..Kailey looks so grown up!!

  2. They are just adorable,and getting so big!
    My week is off to a bittersweet start,my little grandson(3yrs)who I have watched since he was 6 weeks old started Preschool, and his big brother(who I also watched) started kindergarten, I missed them both sooo much today.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. When I hear someone call the quads "quatriplets" I always chuckle inside. Someone asked us if we had "quatriplets" just this weekend.

  4. I love the pigtails
    And Trystan she's got the cutest facial expressions.


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