3 Ways to Clean with Vinegar

I've used vinegar a few times for various cleaning projects, but these three are new to me and will be a constant in our home now. I'm always a fan of cleaning with more natural products—especially when it comes to things you eat or come into contact with daily!

1. Makeup brushes: mix one part vinegar to one part water, swirl brush in vinegar mix and squeeze the bristles to work it in. Then rinse in water, swirl in vinegar mix and rinse in water again until water runs clear.

2. Tile floors: mix one part vinegar to three parts water (example: one cup vinegar with three cups water) in bucket or sink and use as mopping water for floors. Also helps add shine to the tile!

3. Fruit and veggies: mix up a spray bottle of equal parts vinegar and water and spray liberally onto fruit or vegetables when washing them in water. Rinses free of any vinegar tastes and it kills over 90% of bacteria, I believe, including the dreaded cyclospora (intestinal infection causing by ingesting parasite-contaminated fruits and veggies).

Is vinegar a staple among your household cleaners? What do you use it for?
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  1. Vinegar and listerine combo for rough feet!

  2. Adding two tablespoons sugar and 2 tablespoons vinegar to your vase will help keep cut flowers longer.
    I am showing my age, when my two oldest were infants and "pampers" were out but way expensive I would add vinegar to the final rinse of their cloth diapers.. it cut all soap alkaline residue left in them.

  3. Omg, we buy vinegar by the gallon at Costco. I use it as a produce wash, and the same water/ vinegar ratio cleans toys. We run it through the fabric softener part of the washer to clean it and get the odor out of stinky dish rags. We also put it in the dishwasher in lieu of the rinse aid. Good stuff!

    1. Good idea for the washer and dishwasher! I'll have to try those.

  4. i love all the meyer's cleaning products. they smell so good but not chemically! vermont soap organics also makes a great foam soap for the bathroom and a veggie spray that i like. maybe one day when i have more energy i'll make my own (doubt it though!!).

  5. Vinegar and water is the BEST glass cleaner! No streaks!


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