{Weekend Recap} The Lunch Rush!

A week or so ago, the husband and I wanted to get out. With the whole family. We were tired of running errands separately, cramming for one to get out but back in time for the next feeding. And we knew the babies needed to get out of the apartment as well and a simple walk in the stroller wasn't going to cut it.

So we concocted a crazy plan that made our eye twitch a couple times then barreled on before we could  change our minds. It was a busy Saturday and we decided to meet the in-laws for lunch at Red Lobster. Then we went to Sam's. All of us. And it went so well! I have to admit to being totally wiped out afterward—my endurance and stamina still isn't what it used to be. But it felt so good to have all of us out together.

The babies did great at the restaurant. It was our first time to take them out to eat with us when they could sit in highchairs. We had to unsnap and pull them out of their car seats then pass them out the car door to the waiting arms of the grandparents, so it was a bit of an effort to get everybody inside but it worked out great and we had a spacious table. I had bought some suction toys that mount with a suction cup to the top of the table, hoping they'd help keep the babies entertained. And they did...for about three minutes. Which is when Trystan yanked hers off the table and tossed it a couple feet away. After that, they mostly played with their paper place mats and I did attach a toy or two to their high chairs (which I wiped down with Purell upon arrival, by the way, since we forgot to bring our high chair covers). When they did start getting a little fussy, we pulled out the food distraction. Turns out, our crew loves Red Lobster's cheddar biscuits and bathed their faces in all the crumbs.

After lunch, we changed all the babies diapers on the tailgate of our suburban. In the parking lot. Facing a busy intersection of the nearby highway. I'm sure we encouraged quite a bit of rubbernecking but I didn't care! Freshly diapered, we buckled them back into their car seats and headed off to Sam's. We got lots of curious onlookers, tons of smiles and happy comments and one new twin mom that literally ran up to me to ask if they slept at night. (I'm always so proud to reveal they happily sleep for 12 hours and shared some of my sleep training advice and encouragement. She was relieved I didn't have nighttime horror stories!)

The crew started getting a little cranky by the time we reached check-out, so I produced my miraculous baby mum-mums (rice cake snacks) and they were quickly occupied again. I snagged a delicious fountain Coke on my way out the door—caffeine, people, it's key!—and we loaded everybody back in the car, then crammed in all our purchases in the leftover nooks and crannies of the suburban. The in-laws thoughtfully chose to follow us back to the apartment and help us unload everything since they knew we had to also get ready for a feeding as soon as we walked in the door.

It's certainly a lot of work taking four babies out, there's no denying it. In fact, it's a lot of work taking babies or kids out in general! I'm continually grateful for family members who are always keen to put in a little time with us and give us a hand, even if it just happens once a week or every other week it makes all the difference. Simply loading and unloading four car seats multiple times in a short period is a workout, and with extra hands everything moves so much faster and you don't feel completely drained afterward. However, I'm getting to the point where I'm strong enough to begin getting the babies out on my own—like play dates, trips to Sonic, Starbucks or drive-thru errands and other small bits of freedom. It's been a lifestyle adjustment, to say the least, to have such an enormous responsibility to take with you every time you want to leave the house. Or an army of volunteers, family members or baby sitters to arrange when you want to leave without them. Little by little, we're conquering each new chapter of our quadruplet adventure. Thanks for reading along!

P.S. Here's some of the info I shared with the twin mom on our sleep training.


  1. Yumm Red Lobster's Cheddar biscuits are the best! Glad you are getting out more, especially now that you are in the small apartment.
    The quads are all adorable,but Harrison has to be the cutest, most adorable, most handsome little guy! I Love the picture!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. You go, Amber! Your kids look amazingly old sitting in a restaurant. Weren't you just at the hospital on high-risk pregnancy bedrest a few days ago?!? My gosh life with multiples flies by!!!!

  3. I am so glad you were able to get out. It will get easier and easier every time you do it but it is tiring. I am excited for the day I can say "time to go" and eight little feet will run off and get in the car and buckled up. I think that will be a glorious day. Next time you go to Sam's try putting the kids in two shopping carts. My kids loved looking around and people really don't pay too much attention. Of course wiping the crap out of them before placing children in is a must because for some reason someone's mouth always ends up on the handle!

    1. I'm with you on the "time to go" thing being an anticipated milestone. Can you imagine???? Now that we have sitters, the shopping cart is much more fun, and a tiny bit more conspicuous.

  4. I'm in awe!! Restaurants and stores are still too scary for me to bring the 6 pack. I can do the drive thru lol! You're an inspiration and great support :)

  5. Ah, getting out is a chore, but so worthwhile! Getting out does everybody good. It always makes me feel good when we conquer an outing like that. You can make the Red Lobster biscuits at home with Bisquick! I think that would be a good finger food for the repertoire. We tried bits of muffin this morning and it went pretty well.

  6. Your babies are just precious. They are so well adjusted socially!! I notice you have a smile on your face in most pictures and I know the babies will absorb that trait also. They are a lot of work now--can't even imagine, but Amber, you will have so much fun with them as they get older and get easier to take places. You are soooo blessed with a darling, wonderful husband, and very involved extended family, as well, all of whom, will enrich the lives of your 'littles'.

    I made your recipe from the post before this one. It is delicious and since I live alone, I will be enjoying it for several days! I like it when you share recipes. This one just sounded good and it is! Love all of the bright vibrant veggie colors!! Thanks for sharing.

    Wish I lived closer so I could meet these very special little babies! I enjoy your pictures of the children, as well as your Mom's. Sweet, sweet little people!

    Enjoy....and blessings

  7. That is awesome and I know the grandparents are just beaming when theyare out with you, I know I am when I'm with our's (singletons)....we just love it! I am amazed and your organization God knows what we can handle and who to give it to....you'll have been so blessed. You know you can also buy the Red Lobster biscuit mix as Sam's and it is awesome! Thanks for sharing! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

  8. Good Job.Taking kidos out can definitely be tiring and challenging especially if they're in multiples. ;o)


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