{Quad Squad} Triplet Friends & Family

Earlier this week we went to a triplet friend's house for a play date and lunch. The quads loved all their fun toys and getting to be around "big kids" as the trips are 15 months. I have known their mom for most of my life, though it'd been about 16 years since we've seen each other! She's a twin herself and we'd never have guessed she'd end up with triplets and I'd have quadruplets...

me and my little big man at play date

how you feed 7 babies!!

It's been great having family come visit us now and then since we're back in town. This week, my mom brought over my aunt and my grandma, who came for lunch and to see the babies. It's so cool they have great-grandparents who are still able to spend time with them!

harrison quickly reached out to greet his great-grandmother. pure affection.

my sweet aunt deanie came bearing early birthday gifts for the babies!

the babies tore into their bags and tissue paper with great interest. can you see logan ready to pounce? :)

momma and quadlings

i am never ceased to be amazed by my grandma, who was all to anxious to get down on the floor and play with the kiddos. she soaked up every second.

kailey lee striking a pose

logan and her grandma



  1. How wonderful to still have your Grandma,and for her to be able to get down and play with the Quads is even more amazing,hope you got tons of pictures.
    Have a Great Holiday weekend!

  2. What great fun with family and friends!

  3. What precious moments ! It's amazing to see so many generations interacting together, it's really a beautiful thing.


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