Four Favorite Beauty Finds

I do not wear perfectly accessorized outfits and a full face of makeup every day. Unless you count color-coordinated t-shirts and yoga pants and a glowing au natural mug to be perfect. If you do, then you're my new best friend. ;)

And (sigh), yes, this comes with the usual reasoning—I have four babies. Plus, they are all getting more active and movement-oriented with every passing day. I mean, I caught one of them with her toes in the fence of their play corral, eyes darting wildly back and forth planning her attempted escape. Whoa. Weight lifting has long been in my daily routine since, for the past 11 months, I've been transporting babies back and forth from their quad-table to changing table to play pen to cribs to the floor and back to the changing table. Not sure if I'm ready for straight up running-after-this-baby-how-did-it-get-so-fast aerobics.

In the meantime, be impressed that I've actually found a couple new beauty products that I've quickly fallen in love with and use every chance I get! All but one of these have been discovered thanks to my Birchbox subscription, which I still look forward to each and every single month. (If you decide to join, be sure to add that I referred you. Bonus points and all.)

And now I share them with you...

{1} Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment: One dab will do ya. We've all tried the deep conditioners, hair masques and so forth and they all at least feel like you're doing something good for your hair. I put a few drops of this into my regular conditioner, as recommended, and it worked well. I washed my hair as usual two days later and blow dried it and was amazed that the oil was still in effect and my hair was soft as silk and much less frizzy. I'll definitely be keeping this in my arsenal and the good news is that my little one ounce bottle will last quite awhile. (Pssst - I've also tried their hair masque and it's wonderous as well.) Available at ulta.com, birchbox.com and macadamiahair.com

{2} ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss: It's non-sticky, sheer, smells great, super lustrous on lips and has just enough to shimmer to be pretty but not annoying. I'll be replenishing my tube of gloss when this one runs out. The Australian cosmetic company that makes these offers three different shades, mine is a light peach hue called Strip Tease. Best of all? There's a handy dandy mirror on the gloss so I can always color inside the lines. ;) Available modelcocosmetics.com and birchbox.com

{3} Laura Mercier Lip Liner in Naked: It's one of those universal shades that's flattering on everyone with everything. I wear it with just lip gloss or with light peach and pink lipsticks. It goes on smooth, lasts a couple hours and is never to noticeable. Love it! Available at lauramercier.com/store and amazon.com 

{4} Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer: I was never a fan of those multi-use makeup products like lip and cheek tints or stains or all-over bronzer stuff. But I have to admit this was one of those things I tried assuming I'd hate it and now I'm using it all the time. I prefer using it on my cheeks for just the faintest hint of shimmer and a great color, even if all I have on with it is BB cream. It's also great under my normal blushes for a luminous tint. I've also used it on my eyelids when I wanted a more natural look. Great product for summer! Available at sephora.com, birchbox.com and ulta.com

What beauty go-tos are you loving these days?

**I was in no way compensated for posting and/or reviewing these beauty products. This post is solely of my own opinion as well as the views and reviews expressed therein.


  1. Birchbox sounds interesting,could you answer a question as I looked quickly thru their FAQ section and did not see mention if you are required to make a certain number of purchases?
    If I were to guess, I would imagine Miss Kailey
    was the one planning her escape;)
    And I think Mike or your Mom need to post a picture of your au natural mug look as you look great in all pictures posted ;)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ah, life with quads! I call yoga pants and colored tees my "mommy uniform". On days when I'm home all day with babies that is exactly what I wear. I put a little under eye concealer on with some blush on my cheeks and finish it all off with a little Victoria's secret lip gloss if anyone is stopping by or if we take a stroll in the 'hood. It makes me feel more put together. The Laura Mercier lip liner sounds fab! If it is from Amazon it could turn up in my next cart.

  3. Found you thru The Daybook! Was so intrigued since you said you had FOUR little ones!! Wow! Looks like you are doing a fab job, mama! My little man is 10 months, so they are similar ages! But I've just got ONE :)) Love your about me section, you had me at European travels and drinking beer :)) Looking forward to following along :))

  4. my hair went from stick straight to curly (JUST in the back) and frizzy. Kerastase oleo relax has worked wonders!

  5. That shimmer sounds intriguing. Might have to try that out!



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