{Daily Pics} Right on 'Target'

i took the crew to target early one morning this week. we just had to get out.
my nanny (who comes a few hours three mornings a week) assisted me
since i can't lift and haul four baby carriers by myself yet!
the kiddos did great, just chilled in the strollers and looked at all the merchandise.
we got lots of "wow" comments and one lady chased us down to get a look at the quads.
all typical. ;)

elbow snack?

a new finger food i made for the babies recently.
roll banana in crushed graham crackers then slice and serve.
they loved it!

the big man hanging out in the cutest pjs ever.

did you say something?

can you spot all four babies?
we reconfigured our tiny apartment living room to give the babies more play space.
we have a second play pen arriving tomorrow! 
logan's first taste of a chocolate chip cookie :)

date night with the husband, iron man 3 (loved it!) and seafood dinner

How was your weekend?

P.S. A look back at this time last year.


  1. I can't imagine taking 4 babies shopping. Taking 2 just about does me in. Love all the pics and really love that you and Hubby are able to work in date nights! That is something my Hubby and I don't get often enough :)

  2. Yay for a Target outing! It's fun to see them explore a new place like that.
    I love your new baby snack. It will be added to our menu soon. =)

  3. If I seen you at Target I would be the crazy lady come up to get a peak at them sweet babies as well. Love how the babies have totally taken over the living room at the apartment. They are just so stinking cute and growing like weeds. Love the pic of you and your hubby. Have a great weekend! Sherri

  4. While frustrating for you, had to laugh as I tried to picture the lady running thru Target trying to catch up with you to get a look at the quads.
    Great pictures, Thanks for sharing:)

  5. YAY!! The link from the TV interview works!!! Great to see y'all on the news!!!

  6. I'll come for snack time. LOL I like banana and crushed graham crackers too.


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