{My Recipes} One-Pot Chicken Tetrazzini

Earlier this week, I was really wanting some pasta for dinner but something out of the ordinary. A recent weekly email in my inbox linked me to this Potluck Chicken Tetrazzini recipe that I followed, with a few tweaks of my own. 

I made some room in my matchbox-sized kitchen and pulled out my recipe book laptop and got cookin'. 

I don't know about you, but I'd never thought about cooking asparagus in the last few minutes of boiling pasta.

The husband and I don't eat mushrooms so I subbed in frozen artichokes. Those or marinated artichoke hearts worked great for the recipe. I also used a few extra sweet peppers.

The sauce (chicken broth and milk) worked out well, even with 86'ing the mushrooms, and it starts out very liquid but soon thickens up with constant stirring.

I used a little less lemon peel than called for and a lot more freshly ground sea salt and pepper.

I also didn't have sourdough bread or any other bread, really, on hand. But my husband saved the day when he suggested I use the two extra biscuits I'd saved from breakfast the previous morning. Perfect!

Everything baked up just like it was supposed to and the biscuits turned a nice golden brown.

Happy eating!


  1. Looks delicious!!! I know how you love to cook and it does NOT surprise me that you can pull it off even in an apartment kitchen!! A TINY apartment kitchen with baby stuff in there!

  2. Will have to try this recipie, the few recipies I have found for tetrazzini call for some type of can soup(yuck),so I never make it.

  3. Looks yummy! When I try recipes I end up substituting due to lack of ingredients, but improv in the kitchen works most of the time.


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